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    The CRYENGINE Free SDK allows users to try their hand at game development, using Crytek's state-of-the-art graphics engine.Please note that the CRYENGINE Free SDK is only intended for development of non-commercial PC...

    Last updated 08.12.2014 1.89 GiB
  • PSPRemote for Crysis

    Description:This project and all programms are used together as framework which consists of PSPRemoteNERV, PSPRemoteGame for PSP and FHZ_NERV,PSPRemote for Crysis Wars. It was produced for the bachelor term paper...

    Last updated 09.05.2012 26.65 MiB
  • City Assault Wars

    Description:The purpose of the map was to work for/with Rad15 and to create him an environment that would allow his Advanced AI to utilise the environment for tactical onslaughts and cover.Therefore, the map will be...

    Last updated 09.05.2012 90.8 MiB
  • City Assault Wars

    Description:The purpose of the map was to work for/with Rad15 and to create him an environment that would allow his Advanced AI to utilise the environment for tactical onslaughts and cover.Therefore, the map will be...

    Last updated 09.05.2012 3.19 MiB
  • HEAT Mod (Warhead)

    Description:This mod is based on my SCAR Incendiary Ammo mod for Crysis, and takes things several steps farther.Features:Playable only in Crysis Warhead not in Crysis or Crysis WarsAdds new blood effects for nearly all...

    Last updated 09.05.2012 21.11 MiB
  • Mod allowing AI to drive Asian APC

    Description:This is a LUA-modification allowing AI to drive Asian APC.Features: Allows AI to drive the Asian APC on land. Easy to use/install .pak file.Installation: Go to your Crysis Game folder: -> Electronic...

    Last updated 06.06.2011 0  B
  • Wooden Barracks

    Description:Two new buildings with abandonment look like.Features:Two VariationsStone FloorAll materials with Diffuse, Specular and Normal-Maps (no POM) + detail textureInstallation:Go to your Crysis Game folder: ->...

    Last updated 13.04.2011 1.85 MiB
  • New World

    Description:This map is a full new version of one of the best maps Savanna. The map is now jungle. Features:Playable only in Crysis Wars not in CrysisNew objects.Good for 8-32 players.Beautiful graphics.Installation:Go...

    Last updated 13.04.2011 7.05 MiB
  • Deposit

    Description:Small and fast map, placed in a deposit. You also can jump on the pipes and kill your enemy from above.Features:Playable only in Crysis Wars and in CrysisSmall and fast paced mapHidden Gauss...

    Last updated 13.04.2011 949.88 KiB
  • Oasis

    Description:5 difficult and exciting missions all leading up to a flurry of beautiful explosions as you meet up with Prophet to kick some Korean Butt.Features:Playable only in Crysis not in Crysis WarsLots of...

    Last updated 13.04.2011 19.64 MiB
  • SB2 Icon

    A replacement icon for the stock SB2 shortcut. Cryengine 2 symbols designed by Crytek.Installation:Extract the .ico file from the downloaded archive if necessary by using an extracter such as 7-zip.Place the .ico file...

    Last updated 12.04.2011 80.25 KiB
  • Dead Corridor

    Description:A very detailed Singleplayer mod for Crysis Wars.Story:The year is 2014.You play Sgt. Jacksen, a member of S.U.P.A. (Special Unit for Paranormal Accidents). You and your team are sent to an abandoned bunker,...

    Last updated 12.04.2011 254.74 MiB
  • SniperEnhancement v1.1

    Description:This is a .pak file which mods the DSG1 rifle to make for a better sniping experience for those looking to add a little difficulty and realism to your longer ranged shots. Remember, all changes are made to...

    Last updated 12.04.2011 4.29 KiB
  • Hut

    Description:You've been shrunk! Fight your way around this hut with your friends. The map contains a lot of places where you can just have fun but in addition you can get a challenge by killing other...

    Last updated 12.04.2011 7.23 MiB
  • Decal waterobjects

    Description:4 kinds of waterdecals to add the water in your level. A .max file is included.Features:Playable in Crysis and Crysis WarsOil SlickAlgae Slick 1Algae Slick 2Garbage SlickInstallation:Place the .pak file into...

    Last updated 11.04.2011 14.71 MiB
  • Revival The Beginning

    Description:The protagonist of game the agent of of the secret organisation on the protection the Third Measurement called as "Armageddon". The hero name - the Alpha which 2 years serve in "Armageddon". This time the...

    Last updated 09.04.2011 79.33 MiB
  • Desert camo

    Description:Changes the color of weapons to a desert camo style.Features:Playable in Crysis and Crysis WarsDesert CamoInstallation:Go to your Crysis game folder -> Electronic Arts -> Crytek -> Crysis -> Game.Copy the...

    Last updated 06.04.2011 9.33 MiB
  • Shock and Awe 3

    Description:You wake up back in the battle field, after being freed from KPA interroggation by Prophet and Psycho. You must now Escape the City, but You'll have the entire KPA army trying to stop you.Features:Playable...

    Last updated 04.04.2011 3.62 MiB
  • Defiance

    Description:Fight on fantastical flying rocks out over the ocean. Be careful not to fall!Features:Playable in Crysis and Crysis WarsInteresting map conceptIA only4-8 PlayersInstallation:Go to your Crysis Wars level...

    Last updated 02.04.2011 1.11 MiB
  • Scrapyard

    Description:A fast paced action map set in a scrapyard. It's open, so use of the nanosuit is essential for survival.Features:Playable only in Crysis Wars and in CrysisFast paced mapHidden Gauss riflesNeeds use of the...

    Last updated 02.04.2011 695.14 KiB
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