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  • YellowSands

    Description:Desert map for 25 to 32 players. It is located on a lot of Flow Graphs and secretsFeatures:Playable only in Crysis Wars not in Crysis25 - 32 PlayersLot's of secretsInstallation:Go to your Crysis Wars level...

    Last updated 10.03.2011 15.08 MiB
  • A Bridge Too Far

    Description:Ever wanted to play a power struggle map with lots of vegetation, lots of things to destroy, or defend?This map has it all. There's even a great Blast door to stop your enemy walking into your captured...

    Last updated 07.02.2011 50.75 MiB
  • Killer Mesa

    Description:A remake of mesa with secret rooms, secret tunnels, Zero G and hidden weapon.Features:Playable only in Crysis Wars not in CrysisSecret rooms and tunnelsHidden weaponInstallation:Go to your Crysis Wars level...

    Last updated 12.12.2010 47.44 MiB
  • Desolation Miura

    Description:An improved remake of the original Crysis Wars Desolation map. Experience the old style fun of desolation gameplay, now including new features, lots of vehicles (including a behicle factory) and epic...

    Last updated 22.10.2010 24.51 MiB
  • Lost Desert

    Description:Lost Desert is a large map where the US team has to destroy any of the bombs that belong to NK team with the Tac Gun. There are only 2 bombs, so NK team has to defend both. If US team destroy either bomb US...

    Last updated 28.08.2010 9.45 MiB
  • Island--APC

    Description:A beautiful and nicely detailed map for Power Struggle Crysis WarsFeatures:Small beautiful island Power Struggle mapPlayable only in Crysis Wars not in CrysisEasy installationInstallation:Go to your Crysis...

    Last updated 22.08.2010 12.34 MiB
  • Frozen Mesa Updated

    Description:This map was originally edited by Agent_006 and this version is updated by me with a few things to make it look better. Hope you like it!Features:Playable in Crysis and Crysis WarsEnhanced visuals. Thick...

    Last updated 01.08.2010 51.05 MiB
  • Infection

    Description:Remake of the Crysis level 'Core' in multiplayer PowerStruggle form.Screenshot:Video:[YOUTUBE]BbHSeDi99RM&feature[/YOUTUBE]Features:Playable in Crysis and Crysis WarsCry FileBig MapAlien StyleInstallation:Go...

    Last updated 18.07.2010 30.91 MiB
  • Mars 2

    Description:Mars Style PowerStruggle map. Sequel to -M-A-R-S-Video:[YOUTUBE]UHWOwxJMQBQ&feature[/YOUTUBE]Features:Playable in Crysis and Crysis WarsCustom glass domesNew Time of DayMars StyleHuge playable...

    Last updated 11.07.2010 5.68 MiB
  • MissileBase

    Description:Battle to take control of this strategic missile stronghold.Features:Playable only in Crysis Wars not in Crysis4 working missile bunkers/silo's1 capturable energy siteVehicle and Air factories are the basis...

    Last updated 04.07.2010 10.18 MiB
  • Miura

    Description:A Power Struggle map based on the terrain from the original Island level from the Crytek campaign.Features:Playable only in Crysis Wars not in CrysisAir ShowLoads of new objectsGood for 16+ players...

    Last updated 27.06.2010 69.44 MiB
  • Caribbean

    Description:This map was build with BuildMod by me(Pk3) and haacki47.Features:Playable in Crysis and Crysis WarsSeveral islandsNaval warfareInstallation:Go to your Crysis level folder: -> Electronic...

    Last updated 17.06.2010 17.9 MiB
  • MountainBasePS

    Description:The power struggle version with underground mine tunnels, warfactory and airbase, hidden hazards and is a tough map to nuke when the teams are balanced. It is a hot and dry day to die!Features:Playable only...

    Last updated 05.06.2010 7.97 MiB
  • BFG Frozen Mesa

    Description:A remake of the default Mesa map in the snow with a number of added features. Features:Playable only in Crysis Wars not in CrysisNew ToDSecret vehiclesNew roadsFighter jet flythroughMedium spec and...

    Last updated 29.05.2010 37.01 MiB
  • Narlia Beta

    Description:This is a PowerStruggle map set on an island. There are some varied and interesting terrain areas that can be found if you explore.Features:Playable in Crysis and Crysis WarsEasy installInteresting...

    Last updated 23.05.2010 58.44 MiB
  • Land

    A very large place with different types of terrain. There is many places to be discovered. Features:Playable in Crysis and Crysis WarsModified vehicles.Automated weapons to protect Prototype. Installation:Go to your...

    Last updated 03.04.2010 25.59 MiB
  • Gaza

    A desert city map with new objects by dj copniker and am-design.Features:Playable only in Crysis Wars not in CrysisNew Time of DayAir ShowLots of new ObjectsGood for 8-32 playersInstallation:Go to your Crysis Wars level...

    Last updated 07.02.2010 17.75 MiB
  • Mesa PGL-CG

    Description:This is a version of the default Mesa map by Crytek but with added snow and a host of new buildings to add to gameplay. Recommended for long Power Struggle matches due to the high number of energy sites....

    Last updated 02.02.2010 17.22 MiB
  • Tarmac Enhanced

    Please comment and give suggestions on anything you think should be fixed, changed, added, or removed.If you want comparison screens on Tarmac Enhanced VS Tarmac, say so in the comments and ill make some for you.This is...

    Last updated 28.12.2009 26.49 MiB
  • Beach_Rain

    Description:Modified version of Crytek's "Beach" map. Vastly improved performance, dense rain and fog. This is the first public release to gather feedback, so please leave comments here or in the...

    Last updated 21.12.2009 19.38 MiB
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