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  • Crysis CVarGroups Mod

    Description:Modified CVarGroups v.S2.1 for high performance and high quality!Features:Usable only in Crysis not in Crysis WarsBeautiful result and improved performance.There are 3 mods, one for each type of PC. Test and...

    Last updated 24.03.2011 1.52 MiB
  • Autoexec Extreme Config

    Description:High Quality Config for crysis. (autoexec file)Not responsible for any damage to game or pc. (just putting out there) Note: While making this I used pythons textures which made the textures look better.Terms...

    Last updated 24.03.2011 1.16 KiB
  • RELI2 config

    Description:This is the autoexec.cfg designed for the RELI2 time of dayReccomended to be used with RELI2 time of day files & a fairly decent computer.Terms of Usage:As this is only a config mod, feel free to edit and...

    Last updated 24.03.2011 905  B
  • Ultimate Config

    Description:This config features some very high effects and its the BEST config i ever made!Thanks For downloading.Video:[YOUTUBE]LZAC4x3VJoE[/YOUTUBE]Features:Usable in Crysis and Crysis WarsAny mid-end PC can use this...

    Last updated 24.03.2011 4.09 MiB

    Description:A config for professional RealTime rendering quality in CryEngine 2. The config is optimised for maximum engine use. Features:Useable in Crysis and Crysis WarsEasy installConfig optimised for optimum...

    Last updated 18.01.2011 1.75 KiB
  • Crysis & Warhead Game Challenger Configs

    Description:Game opening video quality graphics... A mod to max all settings ingame!Some awesome flowgraphs included too,Video:[YOUTUBE]WVnp66EM12U[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]MtkT4h6BpBE[/YOUTUBE]Features:Real quality...

    Last updated 28.12.2010 16.79 KiB
  • Custom Medium Config

    Description:This is medium settings config with HDR Rendering added to add more eye candy plus more.Video:[YOUTUBE]CGHSsf6MWG8[/YOUTUBE]Installation:Go to your Crysis Config folder: Electronic Arts/Crytek/Crysis...

    Last updated 10.12.2010 167  B
  • CrysisHDConfig

    Description:This config file was created by ME, redsucker23. It is something better than high settings with a couple very high effects. Feel free to say something about my...

    Last updated 22.11.2010 577  B
  • ReVan1199's Config

    Description:Here is my first crysis config which make the graphics BETTER as Very High, but with more FPS!Features:Usable in Crysis and Crysis WarsBetter graphics than high settingsImproved performanceInstallation:Go to...

    Last updated 20.11.2010 2.46 KiB
  • Low Settings Config

    Description:Gives a little extra eye candy with little performance loss. Took me about 2 weeks to make and test.Features:Playable in Crysis and Crysis WarsGreat visuals with small performance hit.Easy...

    Last updated 26.09.2010 1.74 KiB
  • Crysis ATI Moderate Config

    Description:A Crysis ATI Moderate Config v1.00- for moderate performance/good graphical quality. This config is based on naturalmods config and is now more optimized for medium-end computers with and 46XX cards.Has been...

    Last updated 29.08.2010 4.13 KiB
  • Hitachi654's UltraHigh Mod v1.0.0

    Description:Hey there I see your looking to make Crysis look and feel like it should.Well no need to look further, this is the mod for you.Video:[YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE]Features:Sharper Shadows.Better HDR.Larger view...

    Last updated 28.08.2010 5.35 KiB
  • Crysis Wars UltraHighConfigurations

    Description:Play CrysisWars with Ultrahigh Settings.Features:Playable only in Crysis Wars not in CrysisNice GraphicsBeautiful Sun shining and Water QualityUltraHigh Graphics on Low, Medium, High and Very High settings...

    Last updated 18.08.2010 5.51 KiB
  • Crysis GTS 250 Optimization

    Description:Config for Crysis (GTS 250). Maximum Performance/Quality.Installation:Go to your Crysis game folder -> Electronic Arts -> Crytek -> Crysis -> Game -> Config.Copy the downloaded configuration (.cfg) file into...

    Last updated 01.08.2010 2.97 KiB

    Description:100 percent performance gain over Enthusiast!Features:Designed for Crysis WarheadThe best Lighting possible (realistic)The best Shadows (higher than enthusiast)The best Drawdistance (higher than...

    Last updated 28.07.2010 7.7 MiB
  • Multiplayer Graphics Config

    I've been working on a custom config over the last week or so. I was pleasantly surprised when it came time to benchmarking the differences. I've still got some slight tweaking to do here and there, but if ya's want...

    Last updated 25.07.2010 2.54 KiB
  • MasterGod Tod MaxeD

    Description:A ToD plus a config file designed to maximise the graphical fidelity of Crysis. Features:Useable in Crysis and Crysis WarsGreat graphical improvementsConfig +ToDInstallation:Go to your Crysis game folder ->...

    Last updated 24.07.2010 5.38 KiB
  • Extreme Quality Mod Tweak

    Extreme Quality Mod Tweak v.1.3Extreme Quality Mod Tweak, is an example of the correction chart that Cy-mod can do, and a dynamic DephofField has been added.It is a simple flow graph, including the correct version of...

    Last updated 29.09.2008 4.51 KiB
  • Cy-Mod Multiplayers maps Tweak

    Cy-Mod Multiplayers maps TweakThe Cy-Tweaks are Cy-Mod Multiplayer maps tweaks and work perfectly in multiplayer levels.Features:Version of Extreme Quality Mod Tweak Multiplayers for change .Color correction, more...

    Last updated 28.09.2008 2.21 KiB
  • Jeak's configuration file for low spec PC's

    Description:A CFG file to make very high settings possible on pc's with low specifications. Tested on the following setup:[QUOTE]AMD Athlon 64 processor 3700+ 2GB of RAM Nvidia Geforce 7800GTX 512Mb[/QUOTE]Everyone with...

    Last updated 28.09.2008 1.16 KiB
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