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  • Revival The Beginning

    Description:The protagonist of game the agent of of the secret organisation on the protection the Third Measurement called as "Armageddon". The hero name - the Alpha which 2 years serve in "Armageddon". This time the...

    Last updated 09.04.2011 79.33 MiB
  • Shock and Awe 3

    Description:You wake up back in the battle field, after being freed from KPA interroggation by Prophet and Psycho. You must now Escape the City, but You'll have the entire KPA army trying to stop you.Features:Playable...

    Last updated 04.04.2011 3.62 MiB
  • Oasis

    Description:5 difficult and exciting missions all leading up to a flurry of beautiful explosions as you meet up with Prophet to kick some Korean Butt.Features:Playable only in Crysis not in Crysis WarsIntense action5...

    Last updated 27.03.2011 12.72 MiB
  • Afrivea

    Description:A very detailed map with lots of tactical combat and a varied gameplay experience. Features:Playable only in Crysis not in Crysis Wars, and your PC should handle Crysis on Very HighDetailed indoor and...

    Last updated 22.03.2011 21.89 MiB
  • Battle At Crossroads

    Description:Remake of the Crysis Wars Multiplayer level Crossroads for the original Crysis. This map incorporates Predaaator's NKH E4 work to give you a diverse yet controllable high intensity level, that also gives...

    Last updated 20.03.2011 53.98 MiB
  • Town

    Description:Locate the Hostages and Much Needed Intel then Escape, Multiple routes so its worth playing more than once. Use the Paved road, the dirt road, or the river to get to the bridge and or a combination of...

    Last updated 16.03.2011 82.32 MiB
  • Battle with a Quake

    Description:This map incorporates Predaaator's NKH E4 work to give you a diverse, yet controllable, high-intensity level. It has multiple options all packed into an Earthquake environment. The level is specifically...

    Last updated 08.03.2011 81.5 MiB
  • Invaded_Paradise

    Description:Rescue the U.S. Secretary of Defence from the clutches of the North Koreans.Features:Playable only in Crysis not in Crysis WarsStunning ToD settingsOpen world gameplayVery detailed environmentIncluded config...

    Last updated 02.03.2011 115.05 MiB
  • Invisibility

    Description:A KPA outpost off the coast of Antarctica is in possession of information vital to the United States government. You are sent there to download the information and escape. But you must do so without alerting...

    Last updated 01.03.2011 2.2 MiB
  • I.S.N.C.H.Y.C

    Description:Venture deep inside the mining station, can you survive the true horror of what's inside? A beautifully detailed space station situated on an asteroid. You have landed and must fight to understand the true...

    Last updated 22.02.2011 1.04 MiB
  • Battle At Crash Site

    Description:This map incorporates Predaaator's NKH E4 work to give you a diverse yet controllable high intensity level. With multiple options, all packed in a Crash Site environment.Features:Playable only in Crysis not...

    Last updated 15.02.2011 90.71 MiB
  • The Last Stand

    Description:A map where you are thrown into a battle with Korean and Alien enemies.Features:Playable in Crysis and Crysis WarsTwo types of enemiesParachutesInstallation:Go to your Crysis level folder: -> Electronic...

    Last updated 08.02.2011 268.5 KiB
  • Leowar

    Description:A short level when the player have to complete various objectives, with a support team and vehicles! Video:[YOUTUBE]nZuHJV8w5zY[/YOUTUBE]Features:Playable in Crysis and Crysis WarsObjective based...

    Last updated 04.02.2011 56.74 MiB
  • Ridge

    Description:A second level by the author in the editor. It has a massive gameplay environment with a great and challenging story for the player. It was created over 12 weeks in the author's spare time. The level can...

    Last updated 02.02.2011 140.78 MiB
  • Resistance

    Description:You infiltrated island through train tunnel. Your primary objective is to stop development of biological weapons by destroying secret energy site.But it will not be easy, because you will have to deal with a...

    Last updated 17.01.2011 102.74 MiB
  • Resurection II

    Description:The second installment of the Resurrection Temple series.Battez vous contre des aliens qui apparaissent partout!Features:Playable in Crysis and Crysis WarsSnowy TerrainAlien CombatInstallation:Go to your...

    Last updated 14.01.2011 13.08 MiB
  • smallVillage

    Description:A small map where the only objective is to kill the Koreans. The .cry file is included.Features:Playable only in Crysis not in Crysis WarsSmall play areaLots of enemiesInstallation:Go to your Crysis level...

    Last updated 09.01.2011 5.95 MiB
  • Mounten_wars_3

    Description:After Nomad left the previus Island disapointed because he didnt find any hostage alive , he heads over to his next mission in which he needs to find the secret weapon of the NK forces and to destroy it. He...

    Last updated 31.12.2010 56.44 MiB
  • Watermelons

    This is a SP level that i am sure it will offer you all some laugh! There are many funny things to do and some extraordinary enemies that dont die with bullets, but you must grab them and hit "T" button to kill them!I...

    Last updated 26.12.2010 6.46 MiB
  • Leocombat

    Description:A map where the player has only his SCAR (for using tranquilliser darts) and can't use any other weapons. You have to complete the objectives with a stealth gameplay, using the nanosuit power. Before you...

    Last updated 26.12.2010 37.79 MiB
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