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  • New World

    Description:This map is a full new version of one of the best maps Savanna. The map is now jungle. Features:Playable only in Crysis Wars not in CrysisNew objects.Good for 8-32 players.Beautiful graphics.Installation:Go...

    Last updated 13.04.2011 7.05 MiB
  • Hut

    Description:You've been shrunk! Fight your way around this hut with your friends. The map contains a lot of places where you can just have fun but in addition you can get a challenge by killing other...

    Last updated 12.04.2011 7.23 MiB
  • Defiance

    Description:Fight on fantastical flying rocks out over the ocean. Be careful not to fall!Features:Playable in Crysis and Crysis WarsInteresting map conceptIA only4-8 PlayersInstallation:Go to your Crysis Wars level...

    Last updated 02.04.2011 1.11 MiB
  • Scrapyard

    Description:A fast paced action map set in a scrapyard. It's open, so use of the nanosuit is essential for survival.Features:Playable only in Crysis Wars and in CrysisFast paced mapHidden Gauss riflesNeeds use of the...

    Last updated 02.04.2011 695.14 KiB
  • Tournament

    Description:A small arena for fast paced battles.Features:Playable only in Crysis Wars not in CrysisInteresting level design6-24 playersInstallation:Go to your Crysis Wars level folder: -> Electronic Arts/Crytek/Crysis...

    Last updated 27.03.2011 12.63 MiB
  • Maya

    Description:It is an old, deserted maya island full of debris and ruins from a bygone time.Features:Playable only in Crysis Wars not in CrysisMany new objectsGreat ToD recommended for High and VeryHigh Suitable for 8-20...

    Last updated 22.03.2011 17.27 MiB
  • Ghost Island

    Description:USA forces, training in a small lighthouse-island..Features:Playable in Crysis and Crysis WarsSmall gameplay area for intense firefightsGood opportunities for suit mode useInstallation:Go to your Crysis Wars...

    Last updated 13.03.2011 5.33 MiB
  • de_dust1

    Description:Remake of the first de_dust map from Counter Strike SourceFeatures:Playable only in Crysis Wars not in Crysis4 spawn locations with 6 spawn pointsNo alien weaponsFull HD time of dayInstallation:Go to your...

    Last updated 10.03.2011 12.27 MiB
  • Quagmire

    Description:It´s a rainy and foggy day so the Banana-Plantation turned into a swampy terrain. This small map serves instant battles for up to 16 players. Cause the sunrays penetrate the clouds there is an interesting...

    Last updated 07.03.2011 9.16 MiB
  • Desert-Rush

    Description:Original version of this map is Combat Training v.1.0 by Holz. This map won't work without the password.You will find it in the sample-levelrotation.Features:Playable in Crysis and Crysis WarsCustom...

    Last updated 20.02.2011 10.46 MiB
  • Gunrun

    Description:The map takes place on a hidden island where the corrupted goverment is selling illegal weapons to any country. The heavy weapons are placed in centerpoints of the map. Players going for heavy weapons will...

    Last updated 10.02.2011 9.95 MiB
  • Poolday_v4

    Description:Poolday_v4 brings you tight action packed firefights in a very FPS friendly map. Simple yet well set-up location makes you play seamless CQB battles.Features:Playable only in Crysis Wars not in CrysisTight...

    Last updated 06.02.2011 629.83 KiB
  • Devil's Tower

    Description:Devil's Tower is a large map with a huge tower in the middle. Designed for plenty of vertical as well as standard gameplay with plenty of vehicles and weapons!Features:Playable in Crysis and Crysis...

    Last updated 05.02.2011 31.76 MiB
  • OnTheEdge'X

    Description:Action of map is in the city on roof of high-rise. Conquer sky or die!Dedicated for [Xtreme Systems] Clan.Features:Playable only in Crysis Wars not in CrysisMedium scale map for up to 24 playersFun map with...

    Last updated 04.02.2011 7.87 MiB
  • Opposition

    Description:Foggy small level for fast TIA/IA games!Features:Playable only in Crysis Wars not in CrysisSmall sized map (6-10 players)Foggy weather that hardens visibility and forces close combatInstallation:Go to your...

    Last updated 04.02.2011 15.81 MiB
  • America'X

    Description:Map dedicated to the clan [Xtreme Systems] and to all Crysis Wars players.Features:Playable only in Crysis Wars not in CrysisLarge scale map for up to 32 playersMany custom models and textured...

    Last updated 04.02.2011 33.59 MiB
  • Last Frontier

    A snowy frontier map for WarsFeatures:Playable only in Crysis Wars not in CrysisSmall, fast paced mapUnderground TunnelsDesigned for Close-Quarters CombatInstallation:Go to your Crysis Wars level folder: -> Electronic...

    Last updated 01.02.2011 2.8 MiB
  • Shipment

    Description:A remake of the popular but small map "Shipment" from Call of Duty 4. Original map credits to Infinity Ward. Features:Playable in Crysis and Crysis WarsRecreation of the hit CoD4 mapA few tweaks to better...

    Last updated 31.01.2011 14.42 MiB
  • Violarium

    Description:An Island located in the Pacific , with an old US Army Research Base. NK and USA forces want to recover old Data from there. Violarium serves as a large map with many points to move to but is also very...

    Last updated 23.01.2011 5.76 MiB
  • The Cave

    Description:A beautiful map in a creepy cave made by Dj CopnikerVideo:[YOUTUBE]viNNBFmDoo4[/YOUTUBE]Features:Playable only in Crysis Wars not in CrysisNew objectsGood for 8-32 playersInstallation:Go to your Crysis Wars...

    Last updated 21.01.2011 2.79 MiB
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