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  • SB2 Icon

    A replacement icon for the stock SB2 shortcut. Cryengine 2 symbols designed by Crytek.Installation:Extract the .ico file from the downloaded archive if necessary by using an extracter such as 7-zip.Place the .ico file...

    Last updated 12.04.2011 80.25 KiB
  • Decal waterobjects

    Description:4 kinds of waterdecals to add the water in your level. A .max file is included.Features:Playable in Crysis and Crysis WarsOil SlickAlgae Slick 1Algae Slick 2Garbage SlickInstallation:Place the .pak file into...

    Last updated 11.04.2011 14.71 MiB
  • Crysis 2 Chrome Skins

    Description:These themes were made using the google chrome plugin "Create Chrome Themes Online" and Photoshop. Size: up to 1920x1080one bonus theme: om nom.Story:These themes were made with the idea that people will be...

    Last updated 15.02.2011 7.56 MiB
  • Crysis Warhead Shaders

    Description:Crysis Warhead Shader.pak for use in Crysis Wars. Includes Shaders for burning houses, trees, and props, terrain textures, and frozen waves. Enjoy!Features:Playable in Crysis and Crysis WarsEasy to use .pak...

    Last updated 22.01.2011 394.87 KiB
  • Working Lift

    Description:I have managed to creat a working lift, Their maybe easier ways than this but feel free to exsperiment (It's what it's all about). In all it took a couple of hours to create the lift area shown below and...

    Last updated 14.01.2011 6.29 KiB
  • Working Lift

    Description:I have managed to creat a working lift, Their maybe easier ways than this but feel free to exsperiment (It's what it's all about). In all it took a couple of hours to create the lift area shown below and...

    Last updated 14.01.2011 266.68 KiB
  • Western Assets

    Description:Some western style assets to beautify your level.Features:Usable in Crysis and Crysis WarsDraisine (static)Two western decorative lampsInstallation:Go to your Crysis Game folder: -> Electronic...

    Last updated 06.11.2010 3.88 MiB
  • Airstrike

    Description:" I have made an tactical Airstrike where a jet fires a rocket on the position you want it. It uses an Signal Flare as target, you can put it wherever you want. Does only low damage, it is more visual...

    Last updated 04.11.2010 9.8 KiB
  • Crysis 2 Block Poster

    Description:This is a Crysis 2 poster, made from a huge source image. The attatched file below includes 9 images, that combined together will form the whole image!Terms of Usage/Copyright:Feel free to download, modify...

    Last updated 17.10.2010 13.29 MiB
  • Bare SpawnBunker Assets

    Description:Here is the .grp file that goes along with my small tutorial I posted here. This is the bare-essential assets pulled from the crytek supplied spawn bunker, laid out for ease of application.A few...

    Last updated 26.09.2010 2.55 KiB
  • crying FarCryer Weapon Sounds

    crying FarCryer has released new custom sounds, Law2 and Hurricane2. The new sounds come in several versions and are demonstrated in the videos below. Each weapon has a completely new selfmade sound and can be added to...

    Last updated 28.08.2010 8.1 MiB
  • Pepper's Full weapon sound pack

    Description: A near complete replacement of the base Crysis weapon sounds. Replaces all weapon sounds except alien weapons. Works with 1.2 or 1.21 only. Video: [YOUTUBE]">

    Last updated 28.08.2010 38.15 MiB
  • Crysis and Sandbox Fonts

    Two fonts of Crysis and Sandbox logos. Allows you to create more logos and texts in the style of Crysis or Sandbox logos.Features:Crysis game fontSandbox 2 Editor fontEasy installationInstallation guide:Go to...

    Last updated 28.08.2010 62.68 KiB
  • fireplace

    Description:A custom built fireplace model using, fitted with stock crytek textures for maximum quality.The brush can be found under Objects > Natural > Fireplace > FireplaceFeatures:Playable in Crysis and Crysis WarsNo...

    Last updated 26.08.2010 999.75 KiB
  • New Nanosuit Voices

    Description:This little Nanosuit voice .pak replaces the vanilla Male voice throughout the game. You can use audio recording programs, like Audacity, to overwrite the suit voices and record your own! If you use the base...

    Last updated 08.08.2010 532.64 KiB
  • Homemade - iMac and Floor Fan

    Apple iMac and Floor Fan for Crysis.Comes in a .grp file.Best placed in Areas that you can place them on a Table, for example. ;)Can't give any more info than that. :DDescription:An Apple iMac and floor fan built from...

    Last updated 06.08.2010 3.31 KiB
  • Nuke-animation

    Description:An animation of a crashing fighter jet dropping a nuke. Features:Playable in Crysis and Crysis Wars.cry fileCustom animationVideo:[YOUTUBE]bjxiFMTNKf0[/YOUTUBE]Installation:Go to your Crysis Wars level...

    Last updated 02.08.2010 95.93 KiB
  • Crysis cursors

    Description:Some crysis themed custom cursors for windows. This is my first upload so I hope you guys like it. I'll probably make more in the future and upload those too.Features:Crysis not required for useCool custom...

    Last updated 01.08.2010 4.74 KiB
  • Cruise Missile

    Description:This is a Cruise Missile that uses an aiming system originally built by Jonzki1. Many thanks for that and allowing me to use this in my own mod. Features:Press Numpad 0 / Ins to fire at targeted area.Huge...

    Last updated 01.08.2010 4.11 KiB
  • Custom Heightmaps

    Description:These are my custom heightmaps. "Marble" and "Spikey" are in the serious file. The other two, "Crater" and "Random", are in just for fun.Installation:Open the Terrain Editor in Sandbox.Import the height map...

    Last updated 19.07.2010 9.49 MiB
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