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  • Iceworld

    The player takes place in a fight in a little village wich has been engulfed by the ice of the expanding sphere.Have fun while playing it and good luck! :)Features:Frozen EnvironmentLittle VillageInstallation guide: Go...

    Last updated 19.07.2008 3.08 MiB
  • 6X

    A new version is available here: 6x 1.1Konri Island, Pacific Ocean: You have been sent to an nanosuit training facility, where you are to train for the upcoming mission. Good luck!Pictures are kinda bad because of that...

    Last updated 09.07.2008 10.13 MiB
  • Resort

    New file available here: ResortAll you wanted was a break from the frontline combat, soon after your arrival to your secluded vacation spot situated in a remote coastal inlet you come to find out the military has...

    Last updated 02.06.2008 35.46 MiB
  • weee

    Island is found military wants to take it as a base camp, so they send in nanosuits to investigate it and check for enemy's. you are sent there to find out that its abandoned or so you think it is.Slightly vegitaited...

    Last updated 30.04.2008 5.03 MiB
  • IA_Illusion1.2

    FOR ICMC MAPPING CONTESTFeatures:Custom loading screenThick Vegetation (optimized best as possible for low range pcs)Dark ToDHidden weapons and some in plain viewDead soliders have most weapons next to themCenter...

    Last updated 30.04.2008 14.44 MiB
  • Tequendama_Falls

    Story:Tequendama Falls is a waterfall on the Bogota River in the hills of Columbia. The US government moved into the area when they detected a similar heat signature to the one they found on Crysis island and so all the...

    Last updated 29.04.2008 52.8 MiB

    Not the big but beautiful map, for 8-13 players.Features:Not big mapNice settingsFor 8-13 PlayersInstallation guide: Go to the ..\Game\Levels\Multiplayer\IA folder.Eventually backup existing levels with the same...

    Last updated 29.04.2008 8.32 MiB
  • Sun Eara

    Story:2056: The whole world is undergoing a multitude of wars.All the people who are connected are fighting for their survival. Water has become, since 2032, the first commercial application in the world, the...

    Last updated 29.04.2008 7.68 MiB
  • Deathroom

    Small IA map in a small room with gravity jumpsThis nanosuit combat training room has been modified to test an alien gravity field and a respawn technology, both powered and cooled by water, so now you're going to use...

    Last updated 29.04.2008 6.97 MiB
  • Slope

    This is a a little forest area with a lot of trees, bushes and a very nice view at the sea. In Slope, there are 3 waterfalls. One of them is small, a bigger one, and a very big one. The small one is in a little cave,...

    Last updated 29.04.2008 21.64 MiB
  • Whitehouse

    Story:Its November 2020 Whashington D.C. ..... Election time.In the near future potential candidates no longer are voted, but have to litteraly fight it out in the race for the White House.Defeat your opponents and...

    Last updated 29.04.2008 38.73 MiB
  • Battle in the Swamp

    A large 512x512 IA map suited to anywhere between full on 32 player mayhem down to an extremely tense 1on1 duel. Featuring a large underground section as well as even more surface action, this map will test your battle...

    Last updated 29.04.2008 42.23 MiB
  • Red Planet

    The colony of Valles Marineris stopped any contact two weeks ago. Their last transmission talks about alien fossils discovered in the bottom of a canyon near the base. A team of intervention provided of nanosuit has...

    Last updated 29.04.2008 22.8 MiB
  • Lazy

    A small tomato farm with shipping dock, used for Special Forces created bycat( Spawnpoints8 Weapon spawns (No "heavy" weapons - complies to the esports rules set)Created for...

    Last updated 29.04.2008 68.99 MiB
  • Factory_tor

    The small factory is located in mountains. Newer Version available here: Factory_torFeatures:Intel Crysis Mapping ContestNew Version: Factory_torInstallation guide: Go to the ..\Game\Levels\Multiplayer\IA...

    Last updated 29.04.2008 16.94 MiB
  • TerranJungle

    Greetings Crysis community! Brookin here with my first and foremost mulitplayer level. It's a small island full of weapons and vehicles. That's all for now. This level's pretty much done, but i appreciate any and all...

    Last updated 29.04.2008 9.02 MiB
  • GOLD

    Alpha Version: VERY early version that you have to open in the editor.Beta Version: Can be played in the game and is almost the same as the final version.Final Version: Added Intel logo, music, extra items and weapons,...

    Last updated 29.04.2008 3.2 MiB
  • Borderline

    Well 20.000 characters for a map description. Way to much for such a small map. ;)As you can see on the shots I used the past two months of development to create a breathtaking environment fitting to Crysis.My goal was...

    Last updated 29.04.2008 81.73 MiB
  • Abyss

    Background:An Alien Research Facility known only as Abyss is used for reasearch into the Alien Technology discovered using the crystals embedded within the mountain. A new military nanosuit techonology is being tested...

    Last updated 29.04.2008 10.92 MiB
  • snipermap

    Enjoy exciting, non-repetitive gameplay as you stealthily ambush victims in the cover of lush forests or roadside ditches. Or perhaps find a vantage point to snipe enemies at a distance. Whichever way you choose to...

    Last updated 29.04.2008 12.41 MiB
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