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  • Aim_Pro.exe

    Description:Aim_Pro.exe is aimed for a tight CQB action with Powerstruggle mechanics. Built so it will run well on most machines gives you a seamless online play.Features:Playable only in Crysis not in Crysis WarsTight...

    Last updated 15.02.2011 3.96 MiB
  • L'isola

    Yet another _GREECE clan level is now released to the public!!!!THIS is the first PS level from us and we hope you enjoy it!!!It has awesome realistic enviroment and many more stuff to see!OUR...

    Last updated 26.12.2010 6.27 MiB
  • Refinery Miura

    Description:This Powerstruggle level brings the good of "Refinery" and turns it into a different level with the Refinery style and some of the layout. It includes new areas well as areas you might recognize from the...

    Last updated 29.10.2010 11.11 MiB
  • Mesa's AC-130

    Description:Modified version of Mesa which includes two flyable AC-130 planes.Features:Playable in Crysis and Crysis WarsCustom vehicles to fly.Trucks with explosive tanks added into map.Installation:Go to your Crysis...

    Last updated 11.10.2010 48.94 MiB
  • Combat Jungle

    Description:A large map with intense multiplayer combat and jungle action.Features:Playable in Crysis and Crysis WarsIntense Jungle CombatGreat Building PlacementInstallation:Go to your Crysis level folder: ->...

    Last updated 19.06.2010 3.38 MiB
  • Battlefield

    Powerstruggle map with green settings and a very big surounding area.Features:Playable only in Crysis Wars not in CrysisBig areaPowerstruggle mapInstallation guide:Go to the ..\Game\Levels\Multiplayer\PS...

    Last updated 03.01.2010 17.03 MiB
  • R.A.C Tactical

    This is a attempt at creating a more realistic urban/industrial combat environment for most infantry classes. Originally I created this map for my Crysis clan, but half of them don't know how to install it or even what...

    Last updated 11.11.2009 9.62 MiB
  • mesa irf

    Modified mesa by irf clan.Features:Playable in Crysis and Crysis WarsModified Mesa mapNice environmentInstallation:Go to your Crysis level folder: -> Electronic Arts/Crytek/Crysis/Game/Levels/Multiplayer/PS.Eventually...

    Last updated 08.11.2009 48.84 MiB
  • Frozen Plantation

    This is the original Plantation, but not a solar beautiful map, and very cold and not a friendly map for those at whom small skills! To be at war in heart of the most ice sphere! Here there is no place weak, here...

    Last updated 05.09.2009 26.1 MiB
  • Quarry_Wars

    The Us are Trying to take over the Quarry defend this intense resourced area at all costs.Features:Intense DetailDirect X 10CUSTOM TODNow With 278 decals on the mapNice Mountains and LayoutVehicle FactoryMedium Size...

    Last updated 03.09.2009 23.91 MiB
  • green desert

    a green desertFeatures:Playable in Crysis and Crysis WarsSome alien energy point3 bunker 1 proto 2 veichle factoryMountainInstallation:Go to your Crysis level folder: -> Electronic...

    Last updated 31.08.2009 2.11 MiB
  • desert

    a desert of sand and a desert green with some buildingsFeatures:Playable in Crysis and Crysis Wars1 proto 2 bunker 1 air factory2 veichle factoryInstallation:Go to your Crysis level folder: -> Electronic...

    Last updated 31.08.2009 2.72 MiB
  • desert-rivers

    Inthis map are many rivers and an boat factory. There are an train and two elevators one on the airport. There are drawbridges.Features:Playable in Crysis and Crysis Warslarge map for 32...

    Last updated 11.08.2009 16.11 MiB
  • Dark_Mesa

    Dark_Mesa for Crysis Features:Playable in Crysis and Crysis WarsRemake of the classic Mesa levelVery nice 2 play with NightVision and SnipingSun Bug Fixed and now playableInstallation:Go to your Crysis level folder: ->...

    Last updated 20.07.2009 55.33 MiB
  • Refinery_2

    Hi, this remake includes the new with old Refinery....i got some impressions from the old refinery (sometimes from crysis 1 and sometimes from wars :) to unify it with MY Refinery --> Refinery_2Features:Playable in...

    Last updated 18.07.2009 3.49 MiB
  • Skynet V1

    Description:Usa has found a secret base near a hidden Pacific Coast. Oil has spelt over NK Koreans have the last final over hidden secret info on Skynet, and to launch nukes over US. Usa must Stuggle to gain access to...

    Last updated 01.06.2009 25.95 MiB
  • Mesa2

    Introduction:Mesa2 is a new structure to the most played multiplayer map of Crytek’s series. All inner mountain ranges are accessible and extended outer limits of the map triple its original size with all new...

    Last updated 11.04.2009 59.98 MiB
  • Island to Island

    Island to Island has lots of water use this to your advantage and capture the Prototype at all costs before the NK can make any move.Changelog V 1.31: New Custom Wars Content AddedNew BridgesNew ProtoMore Detail and...

    Last updated 24.03.2009 11.57 MiB
  • Mesa_2009

    Remake of one of the most popular maps of Crysis Wars. Mesa. This version fixes the balance. Moved some of the bunkers and added new ones. Added new rivers, bridges, waterfalls. Properly installed machine guns ($hiten)....

    Last updated 17.03.2009 52.04 MiB
  • Archipelago

    In a desperate battle between two countries, two opposing submarines have broken the surface and deployed their forces in the hope to settle the quarrel about the real owner of the Archipelago Islands. Only one...

    Last updated 16.03.2009 13.91 MiB
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