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  • Anguish

    A once rich uranium field that was fueling the world powers' energy needs has been depleted. After it was abandoned a group of archeologists on an expedition discovered something the world had never seen. Eager to...

    Last updated 01.06.2008 17.51 MiB
  • Project Orion

    Project Orion by Doggfather & MeciusPROJECT ORION is (in my opinion) the most beautiful Crysis map ever created (in High and Very High), and it features a new gamemode, Truckgame (A sort of capture the flag), where the...

    Last updated 31.05.2008 6.34 MiB
  • Ship

    The war between the US Army and the NK Forces has begun ... Who will be win ?Features:Tropical levelWar has begunInstallation guide: Go to the ..\Game\Levels\Multiplayer\PS folder.Eventually backup existing levels with...

    Last updated 29.05.2008 8.09 MiB
  • Stranded

    I would like to present my Power-Struggle map "Stranded", that i build for my clan and the german website Crysis-HQ.deIt's quite big and for 16+ players.Features:No VTOLs, just helisStrong base-defenses and HQs far way...

    Last updated 19.05.2008 12.34 MiB
  • Strike_Zone

    A fast paced powerstruggle map, with smokescreens and well defendable positions...Features:Random smokescreen at the prototype factoryBases are hard to attack...Valley scenery...Changelog V 1.1: Various Bug Fixes...

    Last updated 06.05.2008 39.96 MiB
  • Armada Invasion

    This is the Crysis Instant Action level Armada converted to a Power Struggle map.Features:Power Struggle map with four capturable bunkers Most of the weapons laid out from the Instant Action version are still in placeBe...

    Last updated 27.03.2008 10.04 MiB
  • Blood-Island

    A Power Struggle map with many roads to the center.. Small Island and waterways for 16 to 20 players..Features:Power StruggleLand and sea16 to 20 playersInstallation guide: Go to the ..\Game\Levels\Multiplayer\IA...

    Last updated 23.03.2008 13.7 MiB
  • Impact

    An alien spaceship has crashed into a small island, its up to you to recover the alien technology before your enemy does.Trailer:[YOUTUBE]Bi5oqi1gpiU[/YOUTUBE]Features:For up to 16 players.Terrain made by handAlien...

    Last updated 21.03.2008 2.98 MiB
  • Refinery Night

    The Refinery map has been made into a night map for us DX9 players also new feature i added to the map, like a tunnel, Air Factory, active lights, Heavy Caches, and flashlight attachment inside main base plus a few...

    Last updated 21.03.2008 13.34 MiB
  • Country

    This large map has it all; A main highway that connects all the capture points for lot's of strategy options. 3 large urban centers for in-close fighting. Dual barracks for both sides to reduce team spawn camping. This...

    Last updated 21.03.2008 20.48 MiB
  • Inlet

    This is my first mutilplayer map. The ingame mini map is slightly off when player moves away from the center of the map. This is due to the way the map was created. Minimap generation always produced a solid black...

    Last updated 21.03.2008 13.29 MiB
  • AlienJungle Online

    A very big Jungle (With Aliens and Asians in Singleplayer Mod)Power Struggle with 2xBarrack, 2xBunker, 1xPrototype FactoryFeatures:Power Struggle Support (Respawning Vehicles, Prototype Factory, Barracks, Bunker)Better...

    Last updated 21.03.2008 17.91 MiB
  • Unlock APC Amphibious

    Modified map Shore (in multiplayer) with the unlocked APC Amphibiousand.Features:Unlocked AmphibiousInstallation guide: Go to the ..\Game\Levels\Multiplayer\PS folder.Eventually backup existing levels with the same...

    Last updated 21.03.2008 46.56 MiB
  • WAR Island

    I love the Mesa Map, but i have altered it for more fun, its a smaller fighting area and has all the vehicles. has dead zones, if you fly to far up you will get blurred vision. If you fly to far out of bounds you will...

    Last updated 21.03.2008 23.02 MiB
  • Snow-covered

    This is a power-struggle map in a snow landscape which is made by SirRobs for the Crysis-HQ map-contest. Its my second map after my first map Crossroad Have fun with this power-struggle map :)Features: Snowy map Great...

    Last updated 17.03.2008 16.17 MiB
  • Delay V 2.0 *update*

    Delay is big Power-Struggle Map based on a Google Earth picture. Furthermore it was the 4th place in the Mapping contest and will be included in the final mappack. You find the beta mappack with Delay 1.0...

    Last updated 17.03.2008 22.94 MiB
  • Frozen Mesa

    This is the Mesa map completly frozen over. The sun has been adjusted so that the map location is close to the north pole.Nights (DX10) are a little darker than normal to simulate a new moon.This should be bug free...

    Last updated 16.03.2008 52.5 MiB
  • Shore 2

    The Level Shore updated with Air FactoryFeatures:Air Factory in Level ShoreInstallation guide: Go to the ..\Game\Levels\Multiplayer\PS folder.Eventually backup existing levels with the same name.Place the custom map...

    Last updated 16.03.2008 36.81 MiB
  • Air

    Two hangars at each HQ, with 2 VTOL's in each hangar. 5 Heli's in each HQ. A large watchtower to shoot down aircraft. Warfactory #2 has been replaced with a airfactory. Both HQ airfactory's have been removedWarfactory...

    Last updated 16.03.2008 67.27 MiB
  • Towers

    This Power Struggle map offers a great mix of light jungle and urban combat. You must destroy strategically located defense towers to get to main captures. 5 rockets or 2 C4s can take out a defense tower. Weapon caches...

    Last updated 16.03.2008 24.6 MiB
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