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  • Mod allowing AI to drive Asian APC

    Description:This is a LUA-modification allowing AI to drive Asian APC.Features: Allows AI to drive the Asian APC on land. Easy to use/install .pak file.Installation: Go to your Crysis Game folder: -> Electronic...

    Last updated 06.06.2011 0  B
  • GravityBoots SDK

    Description:Here it is, the source code for Gravity Boots. There are still some bugs, mostly with vehicles and AI as detailed in the readme or on the forum.Use source or mod freely in your creations but please credit me...

    Last updated 17.06.2010 1.26 MiB
  • Ragdoll friction fix

    Description:This ragdoll mod fixes the slipperiness of the ragdolls and gives them proper friction physics. You know how when you kill someone and they slide down even gradual rocky surfaces they will just slide as if...

    Last updated 12.04.2010 21.33 KiB
  • Enable Shark in Game (Wip)

    Description:Hi guys, I spend a 'few' hours on the editor and now you should be able to enable the shark in the game..I swapped the shark-scripts (shark.lua and shark_x.lua) to 'civilian' entity.I added also the...

    Last updated 06.02.2010 7.95 KiB
  • Custom Password Entity

    Description:The idea for this custom entity was born from The Big Flow Graph Request Topic!! and is all about halting player input until they enter a password. This custom entity can be used to accomplish this task and...

    Last updated 06.02.2010 267.53 KiB
  • String Combining Entity

    Description:Combined's all 6 string inputs in order and sends them to StringsOut. Each time a stringis recieved, it is added to the output until reset.Reset input resets the input strings to null. Can be used to add...

    Last updated 06.02.2010 106.59 KiB
  • RadioSpot Sound Entity (Car Stereo)

    Description:In my efforts to learn LUA (with tons of help from ins) I thought of creating a new sound entity which will allow switching between 15 pre-converted .mp2 tracks.I have included a car stereo model, but...

    Last updated 06.02.2010 179.45 KiB
  • Map Downloader Source

    DescriptionMach10 has kindly released the source code for a map auto-downloader, which was cancelled from being added into the TeamAction mod. The author states that it needs to be optimized and refined, however it is...

    Last updated 06.02.2010 13.73 KiB
  • Sticky C4

    Introduction:This simple mod allows C4 to stick on AI. The code for sticking C4 to players, AI, and other objects was already coded in, but it was disabled in the final build. All I did was change a couple true/false...

    Last updated 06.02.2010 3.46 KiB
  • Flowgraph Plugin System Source Code - Crysis

    AboutThis package includes the source code for the updated version of the Flowgraph Plugin Source Collection for Crysis and all plugins released with the Flowgraph Plugin System. All plugin projects and the FGPS...

    Last updated 05.02.2010 1.07 MiB
  • CryMP Mod

    This mod was made for MP Map testing purpose.have fun with it!Features:Playable in Crysis and Crysis WarsRemoves all weapon/Vehicle CostsGame Starts at min. 0 Players per TeamInstant Vehicle BuildInstallation:Go to your...

    Last updated 09.12.2009 54.01 KiB
  • Flowgraph Plugin Source Collection

    BIG UPDATE:Flowgraph Plugin System Source Code - CrysisAboutThis package includes the source code for the Flowgraph Plugin System, several Plugins developed by Kevin "Cry-Vlok" Kirst, and a template project for creating...

    Last updated 03.05.2009 9.69 MiB
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