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  • Full Automatic Asian Tank-Beta

    It is nothing special, just for those ones that can't use Xml at all. Easily an Asian tank fully Automatic Shooting.Features:Easy to install .pakFully automatic cannon firing Asian tankInstallation:Go to your Crysis...

    Last updated 16.12.2010 1.14 KiB

    Description:This mod was intended for use with the single player campaign. It was written for unpatched 1.0 version of Crysis but also works in V 1.1 of Crysis.Features: You can run much faster now, especially in...

    Last updated 29.09.2010 51.25 KiB
  • Anti-Shivering Mod

    Description:This mod is for everyone who doesnt like the inaccuracy when aiming through iron sights. Your shots are now way more precise and it feels more like older games.Features:Modifies weapon's inaccuracy when...

    Last updated 29.09.2010 24.88 KiB
  • Proper Nanosuit

    Description:This will only change the Nanosuit Power when playing in Easy Mode, but if you have a look at the commands at the bottom of diff_easy.cfg, you'll easily understand how to change the settings for the other...

    Last updated 29.09.2010 710  B
  • Insane Weapons

    This weapon modification tweak adds some crazy features to weapons!Most of them are not very realistic, however they make it very interesting. For instance, the scar now packs so much of a punch that people fly away...

    Last updated 29.08.2010 24.34 KiB
  • SuperHurricane

    Description:This mini-mod gives you a "SuperHurricane" that shoots faster and much stronger. If you shoot a tree, a house or a vehicle it will get destroyed in an instant.The hit of the "SuperHurricane" also makes a...

    Last updated 29.08.2010 3.16 KiB
  • FGL-40 Laser Pointer

    This is a quick mod that gives you the option of putting a laser pointer on the FGL-40 Grenade Launcher.Features:Laser pointer for the FGL-40.Most useful on delta diffuculty.Decreased spread when using laser, most...

    Last updated 29.08.2010 3.28 KiB
  • Onehanded SOCOM

    Here it is the onehand SOCOM and it's only made through changes in the .xml file!Features:A single handed pistol Installation:Go to your Crysis game folder -> Electronic Arts -> Crytek -> Crysis -> Game.Copy the...

    Last updated 29.08.2010 3.3 KiB
  • Scar High Damage

    This is a scar model called Scar High Damage. It can destroy a car in about 5 shots. Shoots automaticly like normal. Features:The xml file in a simple zz_pak formatIt's a new weapon in your weapon directory: Scar High...

    Last updated 29.08.2010 4.81 KiB
  • Pistol Reflex Sight

    A fully working reflex sight for the pistol.Terms of Usage:You can include this asset in any custom map you want if you give proper credit.If you want to include this asset in your modification, please contact me...

    Last updated 29.08.2010 70.07 KiB
  • Super Scar

    Features:Changed the damage from 75 - 10000Changed weight from 0.0125 to 100Increased clip size from 40 to 80Reduced recoilReduced swayAdded "Up In Flames" skin (WarPig's Skin)Can Use FY71 AmmoInstallation:Go to your...

    Last updated 29.08.2010 1.83 MiB
  • MegaScar

    Modified scar. Changes bullet type when attachments are changed.Features:A new modification for scarChanged bullet type to explosionsEasy PAK install Installation:Go to your Crysis game folder -> Electronic Arts ->...

    Last updated 29.08.2010 10.09 KiB
  • Super Gauss Rifle

    This Gauss Rifle can Fire a normal gauss ammo but i create for it new fire modes the fire modes is a SINGULARITY cannonMOAC, MOAR -- Freeze RayFeatures:Easy to install .grpProvides 3 additional firemodesControls:T -...

    Last updated 29.08.2010 3.27 KiB
  • G18+R700+M79 MOD

    Description:7 custom weapon scripts for use in a devmode environment.Features:Playable only in Crysis not in Crysis Wars (unless the server is -devmode)7 Custom weapon scripts including: G18, R700, M79, DSG1A2,...

    Last updated 29.08.2010 31.04 KiB
  • FY-81

    Description:Custom ammo and clip for FY71. Has ability to use SCAR ammo and mounts the clip in the side of the weapon.Features:Playable in Crysis and Crysis WarsCan Use SCAR or FY71 ammo.SCAR clip mounts into the side...

    Last updated 29.08.2010 3.78 MiB
  • Weapon Tweaks

    Adjust some figure. Little change in thing who does explode. XDDDFeatures:SCAR gets various of new fuctions.FY71, DSG1 gets something new to attach.Gauss gets "Rocket Launcher" attachment(Though it is named "Grenade...

    Last updated 28.08.2010 837.81 KiB
  • Realistic weapons

    A weapon tweak their chance all the weapons and the ammo so the bullet loose height, the weapons have more reciul than before.Just some weapons that are more realistic!Changelog V2.0.0:An updated version. now with...

    Last updated 28.08.2010 44.78 KiB
  • CrysisWars Corrected Weapon Damages

    Description:lots of people have asked why to the enemies in the new editor take so much damage. here is a very simple fix, just place the .pak file into your game folder. This will bring you back a smoother gameplay in...

    Last updated 28.08.2010 73.9 KiB
  • Reality Balance Mod v1.0

    Description:This PAK makes the game balance of Crysis more realistic. The ability of arms and AI actually becomes near. Features:Easy to install .PAK fileThis PAK makes the game balance of Crysis more realistic....

    Last updated 28.08.2010 409.84 KiB
  • SlowMotion 4 levels

    Description:It's a simple autoexec file which binds slowmotion commands to keys. Works for Crysis and Warhead.Normal Time Scale 1.0Key E = Time scale 1.0 (normal speed)Key Q = Time scale 0.3Key 8 = Time scale 0.1 (ultra...

    Last updated 28.08.2010 207  B
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