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PSPRemote for Crysis

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Description:This project and all programms are used together as framework which consists of PSPRemoteNERV, PSPRemoteGame for PSP and FHZ_NERV,PSPRemote for Crysis Wars. It was produced for the bachelor term paper "Crossplay" by David Berger at Upper Austria FH-Hagenberg - University of Applied Sciences: Mobile Computing. More information about the term paper about Crossplay, Cross-Media-Play,Cross-Platform-Play and Cross-Game-Play please read about it here: CrossplayThis project will let you use your PSP as control system for Crysis in Cross-Media-Play manner. If you want to play together with a friend, you can play Crysis Wars and he will assist you during your play on the PSP by changing the suitmenus if it is needed, will reload for you and more!Video: Features:PSP Control in Crysis WarsCross-Media-Play between PSP and Crysis WarsTeamplay in gamesOpen SourceInstallation:This installation description is only for gamers and users of the project. The programs work only in combination with all subprograms. If you are developer and if you want to compile the program you should use the ReadME.pdf from every single project or visit the help side: Help Page This installguid is also provided as pdf in download.PSPRemoteGameCopy the content from the MemoryStickVersion folder from PSPRemoteGame to your memory stick ms0:/ This includes the game and the Plugin information for your PSP System.WARNING:This program works only on a PSP with Homebrew Firmeware!PSPRemoteNERVThe executable PSPRemoteNerv.prx should be located in the PSPRemoteGame/Game/Modules folder. Right now there is already a stable version included, so there is no need to move something in there if you have already installed the PSPRemoteGame. Additional you can install the SEPLUGINS folder from PSPRemoteNERV folder to your memory stick root folder ms0:/SEPLUGINS if you do not want to use the game with the driver. You can use the program afterwards with any game or in any menu but this is not recommend.WARNING: This program works only on a PSP with Homebrew Firmeware!PSPRemote MOD for CrysisGo to your Crysis Wars game folder -> Electronic Arts -> Crytek -> Crysis Wars -> Mods.(if not existing please create this folder inside your Crysis Wars root folder)Copy the mod folder from the downloaded file into the current game folder (Crysis/Mods) afterwards it should look like (Crysis/Mods/PSPRemote).Connect your PSP with the PC with a Mini-USB to USB cable.If you have not installed the USB driver use the install guide in FHZ_NERV folder to install the USB driver first, so that your PSP will be recognized! Start the mod by using the Launcher shortcuts in the Bin64 and Bin32 folder depending on your OS System.After Crysis Wars started successfully you can use your PSP in each level you like.WARNING:This program works only with Crysis Wars > V1.5!WARNING:You cannot start this mod with the ingame mod loader! FHZ_NERVThis program is preinstalled in the PSPRemote folder. Once you have startet the Launcher with the shortcuts in the Bin32 or Bin64 folder it will automatically start FHZ_NERV. Your PSP must be connected successfully and the driver must be installed successfully.WARNING:This program works only on a PSP with Homebrew Firmeware!Driver Installation:Connect your PSP with the Mini-USB to USB cable.Install PSPRemoteGame restart your PSP in to the recovery menu (Press R shoulder button during powering) go to the Plugins manager and enable PSPRemoteNerv.prx [GAME] enable. Now exit recovery menu.You should see the PSPRemoteGame in your memory stick list for games.Start it and wait until you get the main screen.Your computer will automatically detect the PSP and wants to install a driver for LibUSB-Win32 Devices. This will fail. Open your Device Manager and got to Other Devices and right click the PSP Type B. Update Driver Software in the submenu. In the next window you have to browse my computer for driver software and direct to the PSPRemote/FHZ_NERV/Driver/USB/USB Treiber 32/, Include subfolders and press next. A Windows security warning will occur! Press Install this driver software anyway (This is cause due to the missing digital driver signature) No the driver will be installed and afterwards it will be installed correctly and it will be usable:WARNING:If this does not work you have to use dseo13b.exe in the driver folder to set your windows into Test mode. This is necessary when the installation cannot bypass the digital driver signature. FHZ_LauncherThis program is preinstalled in the PSPRemote folder. you should use the shortcuts in the Bin32 and Bin64 folder to start the correct version of the game! Default startup is Crysis 32bit.

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