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HEAT Mod (Warhead)

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Description:This mod is based on my SCAR Incendiary Ammo mod for Crysis, and takes things several steps farther.Features:Playable only in Crysis Warhead not in Crysis or Crysis WarsAdds new blood effects for nearly all weapons, including all explosives. Effects scale based on weapon power. Seperate headshot effects.Adds SCAR Incendiary Ammo, which you get automatically with normal ammo when picking up a SCAR.Adds a secondary, Lock-on firemode to the LAW.All mounted weapons more effective.The Gauss Rifle is capable of destroying all vehicles, especially helicopters. Increased damage so it one-hit-kills nano-koreans.Hurricane more accurate and powerful. More recoil that pushes it up instead of all over the place.FGL-40 more realistic. Fires 3 times per second and increased speed of grenades. Added laser pointer option. Moved to "explosives" slot.Increased damage of SMG so it has an advantage over the AY69.Slightly increased damage of AY69. (One less hit to kill.)Reduced hit impluses so enemies go down with more of a slump and less of a "blown away".Increased ammo reserve capacites for the SCAR, SMG, DSG-1, and Hurricane.Armored vehicles have realistic mass and engine power.Vehicle weapons more effective, especially the APC's 30mm cannon. An enemy APC is now a very dangerous threat.Nano-Koreans can be grabbed by the throat.Starting equipment changed. You start the game with a SCAR, DSG-1, and all attachments, as Psycho was known to have them before the events of Warhead.A number of other changes.Installation:Unpack the downloaded file with WinRAR and locate the file inside called "zz_HEATmod.PAK"Copy this file into your Game folder. (Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis WARHEAD\Game)Start Crysis WARHEAD, then start a new game.[/list=1] NOTE:You can use this mod only with Crysis Warhead.

  • Size 21.11 MiB
  • Last Updated May 09, 2012
  • Clicks this month / Overall: 30 / 1580
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