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Tactical Expansion Mod

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This is a singleplayer mod intended for the campaign, but also very good for custom maps. It greatly expands upon the tactical possibilities in Crysis, and add multiple new features.


  • Usable only in Crysis not in Crysis Wars

  • Includes 32 and 64 bit DLLs for "maximum compatibility".

  • New blood effects that scale based on weapon power.

  • Ballistics, including bullet drop, penetration, and tracers.

  • A total of 22 new ammo types for many weapons.

  • Many other weapon changes.

  • New ammo types for armored vehicles.

  • Fortran's M107 and Rad15's Advanced AI, used with permission.

  • Adds remote nuke, and some new vehicle weapons.

  • Mounted Minigun / 20MM Cannon from Warhead.

  • Modified campaign levels with the new ammo placed.


  1. Go to your Crysis Mods folder: -> Electronic Arts/Crytek/Crysis/Mods
    (if not existing please create this folder inside your Crysis root folder)

  2. Copy the mod folder from the downloaded file into the current Mods folder (Crysis/Mods).

  3. In order for this mod to work properly, it is necessary to install the Visual Studio 2010 Redistributable, which is included in the downloaded file.

  4. See included documentation for additional important info.

  5. Start Crysis, use the in-game mod loader to load the mod.

  6. After you restart Crysis, open console (^) type in "con_restricted 0" (without the "") enter and then type in "map mapname" (without the "" whereas mapname = the name of the map you want to load located in the mod level folder in Mods/Game/Levels folder)

  7. NOTE: You can use this mod only with Crysis Version 1.2 and above.

    • Size 84.72 MiB
    • Last Updated March 09, 2011
    • Clicks this month / Overall: 0 / 787
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