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Anti-Shivering Mod

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This mod is for everyone who doesnt like the inaccuracy when aiming through iron sights. Your shots are now way more precise and it feels more like older games.


  • Modifies weapon's inaccuracy when aiming through Iron Sights.

  • Mod changes DSG1, FY71, SCAR, Gauss Rifle, Shotgun, SMG and Socom

  • Old arcade game feel


  1. Go to your Crysis Game folder: -> Electronic Arts/Crytek/Crysis/Game

  2. Copy the downloaded zz_***.pak file into the current game folder.

  3. NOTE: If you use modified object files, scripts or textures the cheat protection won't let you play online.

    • Size 24.88 KiB
    • Last Updated September 29, 2010
    • Clicks this month / Overall: 0 / 51
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