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My World 3

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This is a beautiful lagoon situated in an island. Have fun exploring the beautiful environment.


  • Playable in Crysis and Crysis Wars

  • Beautiful environment

  • Needs a good PC to run

  • Includes the original MyWorld


  1. Go to your Crysis Wars level folder: -> Electronic Arts/Crytek/Crysis Wars/Game/Levels/.

  2. Eventually backup a existing Level folder with the same name.

  3. Extract the levelfolder from the downloaded archive if necessary by using an extracter such as 7-zip.

  4. Copy the downloaded levelfolder into the Levels folder.

  5. Paste the .pak file into the game directory

  6. Start Sandbox 2 Editor.

  7. Open the level's respective .cry file and have fun.

    • Size 65.16 MiB
    • Last Updated August 06, 2010
    • Clicks this month / Overall: 0 / 376
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