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Preforce searching for team members

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User avatar Preforce
Just getting started
Just getting started
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Preforce searching for team members

Postby Preforce » 15.09.2013, 20:24

I am Sander, owner of Preforce which is a starting game company.
I got a team of 2 people atm and i am trying to expand that.

The Game we are making:
The game we are working on is a Open World, first person, military shooter.
We are going for a strategic but realistic game.
We want to implement multiple country's so for example: Canadian army, American army, Dutch Army, German army etc.

If you then create a account you can select which country you want to play as, and have a whole unlock tree of that country.

We only want to have dutch people in the team because that works allot better, but if you are from america or anywhere else we could still make a deal.

So, what are we exacly looking for?

- we want to have somebody between the age of 16 - 20
- Scripter
- Modeller
- Artist
- Somebody that can make texture's
- experience with Cryengine 3
- Terrain maker
- somebody that can do sound effects
- Musician

If you are interested send me a message or post on this topic.

We will discuss later about getting paid

Kind regards,
Sander / Preforce
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Senior Developer
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Re: Preforce searching for team members

Postby Yeti » 15.09.2013, 20:31

Wrong section
User avatar Lavizh
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News Posters
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Re: Preforce searching for team members

Postby Lavizh » 15.09.2013, 20:32

You are recruiting for team members in an Off Topic forum section? Not on my watch!

Please have a look at this section : viewforum.php?f=316

Also be sure to read through viewtopic.php?f=316&t=87931 and viewtopic.php?f=316&t=92811 before posting there.


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