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Miscreated- Cryengine SDK Has Stopped Working

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Just getting started
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Miscreated- Cryengine SDK Has Stopped Working

Postby Fallensinnner » 02.11.2015, 05:24

My friend is having this issue when trying to run the game "Miscreated". When he loads the game it crashes on the splash screen with the error in the title. The game doesn't create any error files. We've tried every solution people have thrown at us. The game has only worked two times. One time randomly and one after a clean install of Nvidia drivers but the error continued after starting the game a second time.

Solutions tried:
Enabled "High-performance NVIDIA processor" and tried other settings in Nvidia control panel
Verifying game cache through Steam
Reinstalling the game
Updating the C++ (already up to date)
Installing/updating DirectX11 (already up to date)
Updating and downgrading Geforce Drivers
Disabled onboard GPU
Added game to exclusions on AV and Firewall

At this point I'm not sure what else to try. Things are pretty quiet in the Miscreated community.
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Re: Miscreated- Cryengine SDK Has Stopped Working

Postby csprance » 02.11.2015, 05:48

I would suggest checking out these two threads here. ... orkarounds

If none of the solutions in the workaround thread work for you then we'll need you to at the very least post some system information ... -read-this!

This will help us troubleshoot your issue.

I'll also note that this isn't a forum for Miscreated even though it's made with CRYENGINE. So any future queries should be redirected to the Miscreated forums.
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