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Crysis Movie

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User avatar zirakuta
Regular Dev
Regular Dev
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Crysis Movie

Postby zirakuta » 17.06.2012, 18:11

I was just thinking about the Mass Effect movie and somehow started thinking about the Crysis movie. There was talk about it a few years ago and then nothing ever came of it. Do you guys think it will ever happen and if it does, would you really want it to happen? Or how would you want the movie to turn out? Or basically just say anything you want to say about the Crysis movie. Sorry if this is a bit of a ramble but it is around 2 AM and I have nothing better to do :p
User avatar VengenceBot
Executive Producer
Executive Producer
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Re: Crysis Movie

Postby VengenceBot » 17.06.2012, 19:37

they better if Crytek is outta the game business!!
they need to finalize Crysis Saga in a 2 hour min. BlockBuster.. I for one would love to see in action n would probally try to buy movie props by selling my neighbor if i have to!
Im not sure who the actors should be but Cevat should play a part as a scientist . maybe that one guy in C2?
Man I would love that.. it would be lots of money for a high tech movie but in the long run it might make younger generations want to buy the Crysis Series...
User avatar Unknow
Just getting started
Just getting started
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Re: Crysis Movie

Postby Unknow » 17.06.2012, 23:39

You have the Crysis 1 aliens's like here

which see thoses aliens in the next crysis game :)
User avatar Plastix
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Re: Crysis Movie

Postby Plastix » 19.06.2012, 08:52

I think Crysis movie definitely not so good idea.
User avatar commando2012
Junior Dev
Junior Dev
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Re: Crysis Movie

Postby commando2012 » 19.06.2012, 09:13

never seen Skylnie think i need to watch that lol even tho its suppose to suck..
Some 3D Models I have done.
User avatar General Kaboom
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Re: Crysis Movie

Postby General Kaboom » 19.06.2012, 11:54

Hmm...fine not a movie of the games-story but maybe some kind of background story...It's kinda difficult to make a movie of a ego-shooter cause it needs a more detailed story than the game has. It also should have some kind of love-story (like: one of the nano-soldiers has a wife that has been catched by the ceph or something), every good movie has at least a short love story and I think that would be not THAT hard.
And I think they could also make it with the CryEngine (like in Final Fantasy).
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