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TeamSpeak 3

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User avatar Street
Intern Dev
Intern Dev
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Member since: 28.10.2007, 15:21
Location: Heidelberg, Germany
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TeamSpeak 3

Postby Street » 01.11.2007, 01:49

So a few weeks I read this:TeamSpeak 3
So today I thought, i should share this with you because there are so many new awesome features in it. Im realy looking forward to the new version of this great programm.
So I hope this was agood information for you:)

User avatar VengenceBot
Executive Producer
Executive Producer
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Member since: 12.04.2007, 16:51
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Postby VengenceBot » 01.11.2007, 02:14

isnt MSN better or something.. Id like to share files
User avatar Clivey
Honourable Member
Honourable Member
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Member since: 11.02.2005, 22:57
Location: Somewhere in Kent, UK
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Postby Clivey » 01.11.2007, 02:19

Thats good news, they havent updated it for what seems like years.
User avatar Vehn
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Member since: 29.10.2007, 07:40
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Postby Vehn » 01.11.2007, 04:35

good to hear

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