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Tiberian Genesis mod introduction

News regarding CryENGINE 2 projects


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Tiberian Genesis mod introduction

Postby pythonselkan » 16.10.2011, 10:44

In today's news post, we will be featuring a Crysis Modification, developed by CryDev users: Jack Hammersmith and Incognito, titled: Tiberian Genesis.

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Tiberian Genesis is based on the Command & Conquer franchise and features the struggle between the NOD and GDI forces, allowing the player the opportunity to battle as both sides.
The aim of the mod is to provide a visually beautiful, immersive and a remake of the classic Tiberian Sun.
When taking control of a soldier, you will be able to buy armor and create squads to fight the enemy. You will also control the Commander, thus will be responsible for building and fortifying your base, you will also have to keep your eyes on the battlefield to support your army.

The selection of levels vary from settings such as the Desert, Snow and Forests to Caves filled with Tiberium Crystals and lots more...

For their mod, Incognito together with the Tiberian-Genesis Team introduced newly created rigged models such as the GDI Mammoth Mk.II which is a Battle Walker (Mech Warrior) as well as a variety of vehicles and new weapons such as Assault Rifles, a Vulcan Cannon and lots more.





Choose your side:
Intense battles between NoD and GDI. Are you a resource hungry NOD commander, under the mysterious and enigmatic Kane himself? Or perhaps Earths last line of defense, along with Commander Jake McNeil, fighting for survival?

Choose your playstyle:
Are you a foot soldier, who changes the tide of the battle with his daring , or a commander who manages and builds bases (real-time) and administers the overall battle. Or are you a bit of both? Choose your squad and experience the famed Tiberium battles as portrayed in Tiberian Sun, with a chance to be in it.

Deadly sniper or the invaluable shock troop? you decide!
With the power of the CryENGINE 2, you can play as you want! Whittle your enemy ranks as you snipe from afar, or rush into the fray in vehicles, or perhaps support from the air? Or maintaining the base and managing resources is more your cup of tea. The battlefield is yours, limited only by your creativity!

Beautiful levels..on the verge of extinction!
Battle for the fate of the planet, in multiple environments from lush green forests, to open deserts and all in between. Featuring a dynamic Tiberium System, which grows in real time and mutates the beauty around you. Fight against the clock, before what you are fighting for no longer exists!

High production values:
Featuring custom assets, Custom sound track, Custom UI and more!

Game Modes announced:
  • Infiltrate the enemy base(s).
  • Build your own base(s).




No release date has been provided at this stage, but the team states that they will release the project in separate parts, and once all of the parts are released you can expect a release of the full modification containing all the levels as well as some extra stuff.

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Join the Tiberian Genesis Team:

The Team behind Tiberian Genesis is searching for modelers, artists and sound designers to join their team. Should you be interested, make sure to visit the Tiberian Genesis Forum or let Jack Hammersmith or Incognito know by sending them a message. You can also send the team an e-mail at
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Re: Tiberian Genesis mod introduction

Postby Shinanigans » 19.10.2011, 00:06


The Tiberian Genesis team were nice enough to share a big feature list with us all :)
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Re: Tiberian Genesis mod introduction

Postby metalspy » 21.10.2011, 19:21

Wasn't this a CE2 mod that switched to UE3 and which is apparently now switching back to CE2? Or was that a different "Tiberian [herpderp]" mod?
User avatar Jack Hammersmith
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Re: Tiberian Genesis mod introduction

Postby Jack Hammersmith » 22.10.2011, 10:53

That was a different Tiberian **** mod.
We were working for like 2 years with CE2 on it now and will probably stay on it a bit longer (till CE3 got more "access") :rolleyes: