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The Threefold Path of Assassin

Post here your submission for the final phase of the Christmas level design contest!


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The Threefold Path of Assassin

Postby TAN » 04.01.2010, 02:51

Name: Teksin Saka

E- Mail:

Additioanl Comments: My final submission.

You have three different ways to kill the General. Each way has it's three different parts. When you finish the level, restart and play a completely different type of gameplay.
Don't worry. None of them takes moera then 10 minutes.
I also present an LDD ( Level Design Document). You can see the progress from first hand drawn scretch to final minimap locations. Also the ideas that give birth to them.
There shouldn't be a bug, as for as I know of.
Please enjoy and send me your comments..
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