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Red Mesa Episode 2

Use this section to show off your CE2 modifications


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Intern Dev
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Postby Vodkacannon » 20.03.2011, 01:18

Can we hear some updates on the mod because its been a long time and I think we need to refresh the community.
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User avatar Florry
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Senior Developer
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Postby Florry » 30.03.2011, 11:46

Sorry for my late reply and also for the lack of updates, I know it's been a long time.
I'll try to post an update soon :) (and we'll have to see how that goes, hopefully good :P)

Edit: Never happened, sorry! This project has been put on ice momentarily, I will be back working on it in the future!
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User avatar avrora
Just getting started
Just getting started
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Re: Red Mesa Episode 2

Postby avrora » 28.09.2014, 10:56

I know it is probably now so good to up so old topic, but I really need to say that Florry's works awesome at all even today, after few years, and even today there is no problem to use it on new systems like Win8
May be in future we ll see some HL inspired things, im sure a lot funs would enjoy :)