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"West", a western mod

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Just getting started
Just getting started
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"West", a western mod

Postby Pentium » 01.09.2010, 17:59

[FONT=arial]a western mod for Crysis[/FONT]

What I want to do
Main objective is simple: combine a total conversion mod following western style, I like so much films of "Spaghetti Western" and my idea is to rebuild many typical enviroments of Sergio Leone' s films, for example "the Good, the bad and the ugly", to use these with "WEST" mod. History derive by a complex assimilation of different plots: Call of Juarez, the film "the good, bad and ugly", the unknow lucasart's game Outlaws and a little of my creativity...

Technical informations:
Large terrain size 4096*4096 or equivalent
Extremely detailed and interactive interiors
Outdoor spaces detailed, interactive and full immersive
New means of transport( as trains, steamboats, mules, horses,etc.)
New flowgraphs
New player' s HUD
New player' s mesh and full elimination of nanosuit
New NPCs
Ingame minigames( as blackjack, poker, texsas holden poker, burraco, etc.)
General design improved with new intro videos

"West" informations and links
Mod Team overview
Main thread( currently not followed)
WEST&Team Website
Image Gallery, look for "West" in West' s website

Current status:

Team is working on: "West" Team
Current team members
Astearon - 3DModeler&Texturer
Basch - 2DArtist
NOOBmaster - Sound designer/Level designer
Norby123 - Sound designer/Level designer
Pentium - Team Leader/modeler/texturer/level designer

"West" Team needs the following components
    Anyone who know how to create basic animations or know how to use 3D programs such 3Dsmax, Maya, XSI,...
    Should be able to create 2D/3D detailed images, should have experiences with Adobe Photoshop or equivalent programmes
    We need someone who can easily write new codes, such as the new HUD; who can improve gameplay quality and know how to combine different things.
    I need only a scripter who can write new scripts and flash-minigames
    Our team needs many designers to follow correctly( and finest possible) our totalconversion mod
    Should be able to use the most famous 3D programs, such as 3DsMax, XSI, Maya, SketchUp, Blender or Zbrush.If you are capable and know how to use one of these programs so you' re right men for us!
Please if you are interested in joining send me a PrivateMessage or an Email
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Postby JasperHope » 01.09.2010, 19:08

Lol, probably a bit early to post this thread. I can't really comment on it because all I see is some terrain.

Anyway, the idea is pretty cool.
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Postby .:Tyler:. » 01.09.2010, 20:30

Generated heightmap and one house, really isnt quite announcement material..
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User avatar Pentium
Just getting started
Just getting started
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Postby Pentium » 02.09.2010, 00:24

yeah yeah I know ;(:whistle:...
Obviously I made other things, such as a part of main buildings of main city, the beautiful Henry 1860 and other weapons, some stuffs and the candidate steamboat...
So today I'm looking for a team to start( I hope) my mod :unsure:; I'm thinking this since the first days of May, I' ve already done writing all story and, searching in mod database, I thought this total conversion because I didn't find other western mod: today I think it will be hard to realize and very difficult but I hope to enjoy this one day...
I thought to start a thread inspired by this; so...I hope to join a team soon and start :)).In these days more news...
What do you think about story? Is it good, too large?
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Postby Yaxxo » 02.09.2010, 11:28

The story isn't big enough i think, because a story should be very detailed if you plan to work in a team, because your team should be able to see the same thing you see, in the smallest detail, when looking at the story.
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Has seen it all
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Postby Ruan » 02.09.2010, 12:36

Your enthusiasm is admirable and I'm sure you're extremely motivated at present; who doesn't want to realise their ideas and show them off to the community?

But I really suggest that you study the tools a bit more. Create a small techdemo, a 1024m level, and start refining everything. Get your gameplay features polished, get your code working, and get at least an outline of your environmental styles. This way, you'll be able to present it to prospective team members and really wow them.

Whatever you do, don't fall into the trap of just getting a story, some clay renders of weapons, and a pretty level. It won't last; we've seen it enough times within this community.

Whatever you decide to do: good luck! :)
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User avatar astearon
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Just getting started
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Postby astearon » 16.09.2010, 17:03

Just joined the team as a modeler/texturer. I know that there isn't much to see here but i like the ideea of a western mod and hope that it will start to materialise.
I am now looking for some references for good desert/wasteland landscaping and models, i know a anime with some western influences, hope i can implement some in this mod. Anime name : Trigun
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Just getting started
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Postby co11ider » 09.10.2011, 12:40

Is this Work abandoned?