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Zion -Map delayed -Dec 29th

Use this section to show off your CE2 levels


User avatar bako1
Just getting started
Just getting started
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Postby bako1 » 23.12.2008, 00:37

first of all i would like to say you are crazy and absolutely brilliant at the same time,
i don't know why the dam turk hasn't hired you yet, probably because you make way more from architecture, i assume that is what you thing i noticed is that you don't care about the attention you recieve, which is nice and you continue replying to everybodies posts,

i would like to point out that your mod's are awesome since i am so savvy torwards realism in gaming and their hasn't been anything close to it since crysis so keep up the spectacular work, may i suggest putting together a team and making a total remake of the game, liscensing the engine and selling it...just pointing out that you have practically done it for free
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Postby ZapWizard » 29.12.2008, 16:50


This map is delayed until some future point, or it may become part of a new project.
I may also release the map to the community as a starting point for some other map maker.

I have worked and worked on a story to fit the map, so far coming up with four different versions, however none of them I liked. They took too long to get "into the action" and the only one that worked well involved aliens, and I don't think that the Aliens in Crysis offer enough variety yet. All the stories also would have taken at least 6 months to complete due to the sheer size of the map. (and this thread is already 6 months old.)

I am starting a new project that is inspired by various world events, I already have a good working story that is flexible and can be expanded or shrunk without impacting how fun the map can be. This one will be a Mod so that I can change more of the game settings to my own liking.

Look for a mod post on it soon.
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User avatar Maniche
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Postby Maniche » 29.12.2008, 17:08

nice to hear

Lead Level Designer - Traction Wars
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Has seen it all
Has seen it all
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Postby TerrorBlast » 29.12.2008, 18:36

Wow, that looks prity badass :D Really nice :P I would love to see a sucsesfull google earth map, with high details :D
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