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"Niveus" Castle - Medieval map.

Use this section to show off your CE2 levels


User avatar DICY
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Junior Dev
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Postby DICY » 22.08.2008, 21:20

Sweet freaking Jebus, that's one of the most impressive things I've seen on these boards. Excellent work, keep it up.
User avatar Chrjs
Senior Developer
Senior Developer
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Postby Chrjs » 22.08.2008, 21:26

Looks fantastic. Good work. :)
User avatar Illerztam
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Postby Illerztam » 22.08.2008, 21:30

i´m......stunned.......this is surely one of the most amazing things i´ve ever seen done with the CE2 8o
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User avatar Dark shadow
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Executive Producer
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Postby Dark shadow » 22.08.2008, 21:40

OMG! Without words 8o

This is really the greates thing I've seen so far :D
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Skilled Developer
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RE: "Niveus" Castle - Medieval map.

Postby ExplosiveBullet » 22.08.2008, 21:49


The first picture looks awfully like Assasins Creed.

BEST modeller ive every seen.


And it looks so real, thats just crazy.
Great Job :)) :D :evil: :P :)
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User avatar Duruk
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Postby Duruk » 22.08.2008, 21:55

......... Holy .....
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Postby mangobyebye » 22.08.2008, 21:56

Very nice work! You have quite a bit of talent and devotion. :)

Probably the best looking level I've seen on these forums.
User avatar Puppy
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Executive Producer
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Postby Puppy » 22.08.2008, 22:01

is that with solids because it looks like it :D as in i cant see any circles lol :D, i hope it is anyway cause it'll give me hope :D
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Junior Dev
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Postby LuigiWolf » 22.08.2008, 22:01


thats some high quality mapping u got right there

i mean wow


all those custom models and textures

that musta taken like a year or something, i cant imagine the amount of detail you put in the castle

thats like a retail quality map!
i cant wait for it to lag up my crappy comp while my eyes ooze with enjoyment

User avatar Badas
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Skilled Developer
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Postby Badas » 22.08.2008, 22:07

Not bad


ITS GREAT! assasins creed looks like a scrapyard compared to this workd :D not i wonna play it allot lol

User avatar Aeoleth
Intern Dev
Intern Dev
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Postby Aeoleth » 22.08.2008, 22:11

I registered just to say that's completely amazing. This is the highest quality map in all of Crysis (Personal Opinion) so far.
P.S. WOW, and let me test it. ^_^
User avatar hmmm
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Postby hmmm » 22.08.2008, 22:18

Ubisoft called they want you for assasins creed this is the most amazing map ever and i think you should create a mod id be happy to join.
User avatar Kettels
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Postby Kettels » 22.08.2008, 22:22

Originally posted by hmmm
Ubisoft called they want you for assasins creed this is the most amazing map ever and i think you should create a mod id be happy to join.

2nd that, unfreaking believable.
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User avatar Urbes
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Junior Dev
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Postby Urbes » 22.08.2008, 22:31

very very nice!!!!! 8o The others have already asked this question but i'll ask it again.
How long took this to complete? You must have a lot of spare time or youre the best with architecural building.

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User avatar Alexraptor
Just getting started
Just getting started
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Postby Alexraptor » 22.08.2008, 22:51

Impressive, most impressive.
Does one dare hope that the interior is as detailed as the exterior?

But i agree with everyone, id love to see a full scale mod, because this would totally own the Age of Chivalry mod for HL2.