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Killzone 2 2005 CG trailer remake [Old thread/closed]

Use this section to show off your CE2 levels


User avatar akiru5th
Just getting started
Just getting started
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Postby akiru5th » 13.03.2009, 18:18

WOoHoOO! this proves that this mod is still alive :P ...... plz post some new pics or videos or even a beta in the near future.... dude i respect u a lot for making this mod...
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Intern Dev
Intern Dev
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Postby factorx » 13.03.2009, 20:51

Maybe you should recruit members to help you out. I'm sure someone around here would love to lend a hand ;).
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Postby atsest » 18.03.2009, 19:52

Could someone close the thread I'd like to make a new start in another section to make it clean an tidy.
Thank you.
New thread: KZ2 2005 : Killzone 2 2005 GC trailer remake [more info soon]

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Has seen it all
Has seen it all
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Postby Fortran » 18.03.2009, 21:52

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