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[WIP] Arctic environment with a abandoned ship

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User avatar Cry-Armin
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Crytek Staff Member
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[WIP] Arctic environment with a abandoned ship

Postby Cry-Armin » 30.09.2011, 04:06


currently I am learning how to use the cryengine 3, so i thougt to create a environment is the best way get used to her.

My idea is to create arctic environment with a abandoned ship based on this concept from the Artist ""


I started yesterday and at the moment i am in the terrain creating phase:


Edit: ah wrong section. I am using the ce3. So could a mod transfer my thread in right place. That would be nice :)
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Re: [WIP] Arctic environment with a abandoned ship

Postby ultranew_b » 30.09.2011, 05:09

Nice start ! Looking forward to seeing more !

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