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Beach Tale's [Trilogie,SP,Crysis1,SB2]

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Just getting started
Just getting started
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Beach Tale's [Trilogie,SP,Crysis1,SB2]

Postby InfusoVerde » 27.04.2014, 11:52

Hello Crydev Community :)

In the last 3 Months i rebuild the three CrysisDefaultLevels[1.Island;2.Village;3.Harbor - I Deleted the Defaultmissions(Deletes all entity etc.) and made something new of it.
I rebuild it into a Pure head-to-head, Action Map where you can let the Bruce Willis out of you or the Sam Fisher...The Target ist to kill all Officers, and the bosses.

It was an Private Project from me but now i need it to release :D
You need the Sandbox2, a Standalone Version may come soon.
Put the Level.cry Files in the Crysis/Game/Levels Folder [IslandLVL1 to Island etc.] if the Sandbox2 dont want to start it from your Downloadfolder.

Soo let's read the overview.

+ 3 New Rebuilded Maps[Island,Village,Harbor]
+ Terrain/Vegetation/Changes/Adaptions/Ways/Rivers
+ Many Details and some nice Housecomplexes
+ In all Levels you have the Opportunity to set an Driver and a MG Gunner incl.Path :)
[Island - Jeep]
[Village - Jeep(nodriver),Boat,Follower]
[Harbor - Boat]
+ In Harbor there is an interactive US Base with some Quest's
+ Many Script/Flowgraph Events,Interactions,Triggers
+ You can decide how to play.. you write the Beach Tale's! [NonLinear^^]
+ No Aliens,No Tornados just Classical Action ;head-to-head
+ Every Map has a secret Place with the Opportunity to weaken the Enemy's[Don't reveal how^^]
+ Ambiente Nature Sound
+ Support and Updates [New Ideas are welcome]
+/- Some interactions/Uses are in German Text[Not important^^]

Mega Cloud[All older Versions and other Beach Tale Stuff]:!DgQgyJqS!A98Ju3iEKxiriLmjgGMgWw


The Upload on this page dont work and i dont have the permission to post links so you need to copy it into your adressbar^^
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Re: Beach Tale's [Trilogie,SP,Crysis1,SB2]

Postby megalolpronoon » 27.04.2014, 21:45

I tried your mod - good performance, but you need more detail relief. :)