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Flyable aircraft

Use this section to show off your CE2 assets


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Flyable aircraft

Postby cwright » 24.04.2008, 11:59

The latest youtube demo:

Note: this youtube is almost two years old and the system has many improvements. I hope to post some new youtubes in the near future.

The simulator manual: ... anual.html


NOTE: see below for updated download links.

December 2nd, 2014
The beta has just been released. The general release should be just before Christmas.
Note: the release and updates listed below should be used for Cry Engine 2/Crysis only. They are not suitable for current versions of the free SDK.
The new version (Simulator2015) is specifically for the free SDK (versions 3.56 and 3.58, 64 bit).

September, 2014

Still not released. The beta should be ready in mid September, and the public release a few weeks after.

April, 2014

Autogen can now add lights. Particularly for the railtrack autogen, it looks very nice.
Greatly upgraded the lights sytem for vehicles. Added lights support to the editor: select a vehicle, select lights and move them and change radius, brightness, colour. The editor then saves a data file that can be imported by Aircraft Factory, so the lights you just edited are created in the Lua code.

I'm now working on the air-to-air combat code, using a new method for aiming aircraft at a target (self:SetDirectionVector()). Previously this function was unusable because it changed the scaling of the entity (!), but I've now found a way to fix this bizarre error.

Also fixed a major train code bug. Now carriages and wagons in a train correctly keep their positions.

Progress is well on track for a June release.

March, 2014

Currently developing a basic autogen system. This allows the placement of very large numbers of objects on the surface while keeping high frame rates. The objects are dynamically moved, hidden etc as you fly along or look around. My long-term aim is to develop an autogen system roughly equivalent to the autogen used by Microsoft FSX.

I have now added a new autogen system specifically for trains. Rather than covering a large area, it places objects in a strip along the rail track. It can place groups of objects e.g. for stations and it automatically places a tunnel model where the track goes under the ground. It can also place regular objects such as overhead power lines and fences. This makes dense scenery possible for very long train tracks, my Seattle test track is over 100 km long.

I'm working with Tataru on extending the train system, using his excellent train and track models. The system is now using animations made by Tataru for doors and wheels.

Most of my work has been with Cry Engine 2, but I'm now putting a lot of effort into the free SDK. The new 3.5 version has serious problems but I have fixes for them and, overall, I'm a lot more enthusiastic about CE3. There are still many problems to overcome, but I think the first public release for Cry Engine 3 is not too far off.

I've now made a pre-release alpha version of the upcoming public release for the free SDK. Still lots more work to do, including some code fixes/improvements and some new demo maps. The final public release will be at the end of June at the latest. I will also release the spaceflight system by the end of June, either as a separate release or as a part of the main one. Unfortunately it will only allow space operations (no operations on planet surfaces) unless I can fix a serious problem in 3.5 (currently planetary surfaces are not solid).

I will then start on a new project: wheeled and tracked ground vehicles, including cars, racing cars, trucks and tanks. It will have completely new car physics and custom AI for drivers and pedestrians. It will definitely include car racing code.

******************** DOWNLOADS ********************
You can download the latest versions as follows:
The full release, dated December 2011 (CE2/Crysis 1 only): ... sp=sharing

The update, dated December 2012 (CE2 and CE3/free SDK): ... sp=sharing

This includes the latest code versions and adds the CL-215 water bomber and a dynamic fire system. The original release was for CE2/Crysis only, but the new code included in the update is compatible with the CE3 free SDK.

Important note: although the update provides CE3 compatability there are a number of CE3 issues that aren't fully resolved. CE2 provides a much more stable and predictable environment for entities that use complex and large Lua codes. If you experience difficulties when using the updated system in CE3 please let me know and I'll try to fix the problem. Also note that the demo maps in the main release are for CE2, currently there are no CE3 demo maps available.
Update: the released code cannot be used with CE 3.5

I would suggest that you download, install and test the main release first, if you have the original Crysis installed. If it's working correctly you should then install the update.

****************** UPDATE ****************
For now, I would not recommend using the update with the free SDK. There will be a completely new release specifically for the free SDK by the end of June 2014.

These releases include flyable and drivable aircraft, ships, submarines and trains. The aircraft: Spitfire, B-25, MiG-19, F-4 Phantom, Super Constellation, F-86 and CL-215 water bomber. A new update, probably in a few months, will add a unique spaceflight system together with a selection of spacecraft and space stations.

When installing, please refer to the readme files. Note that the Aircraft2011 release must be unzipped into the main Cry Engine directory. Do NOT unzip into the Game folder! Please refer to the manuals, which contain essential information on installing and flying the aircraft. The manuals are located in the Vehicles2011 mod directory: Mods\Vehicles2011\Manuals

Latest version of Aircraft Factory V 1.06 uploaded (3rd July 2013): ... sp=sharing

1. Do not use the mod. Instead, run Sandbox in the normal way.
2. From the Entities rollup (usually on the right-hand side of the Sandbox screen), select Aircraft and then the chosen aircraft. Drag it onto the terrain in the perspective window.
3. Load one instance of the camera entity and ensure it has the default name of Camera1
4. With the aircraft still selected, click the Flow Graph -> Create button and import the standard aircraft flow graph:
Objects\Aircraft\AircraftFiles\Aircraft Flow Graph CE3.xml
Note: do not confuse this with the similarly-named AircraftControl Flow Graph.xml!
5. With the flow graph open, ensure that the CameraView node is assigned to Camera1
6. With the aircraft selected, open its Properties settings. Check (enable) the CE3 item.
7. Open the console and enter this console command:
log_verbosity 0
This fixes a CE3 compatability problem. Later code versions should make this fix unnecessary.

Please post comments, suggestions and problems on this thread. I will always try to fix any problems that you may experience.

And, now, back to the original thread from April, 2008....


Last year I developed a LUA script for flyable aircraft in Far Cry. I've now produced a Crysis version and it's working pretty well. I've made a Spitfire model in XSI Mod Tool and used it as the test bed. I've attached some shots of the Spitfire in action and you can see a 4 minute youtube video here:

The script includes a real flight model that calculates the aerodynamic forces generated by the wings. It also calculates the forces generated by the undercarriage so you can taxi the aircraft realistically before taking off.

There are many key commands, for example to select different view modes, to control the undercarriage and to fly the aircraft (the four arrow keys).) The script also includes a joystick interface.

There are several view modes (selected by the space bar): cockpit, spot, flypast, tower and lock). You can see some of the view modes in the video. In spot view you can adjust the view distance and angle.

Other features include turbulence (adjustable when in flight) and a basic auto pilot.

You can have several aircraft in operation simultaneously. Each aircraft has a different key command to enter it. You could enter one, start the engine, take off and leave it circling under auto pilot. Then hit a key and you're in another aircraft. Take off, search for the first aircraft and meet up with it.

The script has a number of effects including engine startup smoke and bullet tracer when you fire the guns. The aircraft also kicks up dust (or spray over water) when you fly close to the ground. Currently the effects are not brilliant (strangely I found it easier to get good effects in Far Cry). But I hope to improve the effects before any release.

There are a number of animations: rotating wheels, moving undercarriage, ailerons, propellers and elevators. And the pilot turns his head to look at you in spot mode!

I recently added a VTOL flight model. You can see the Harrier making a vertical takeoff at the end of the video.

The biggest problem is sound. Because Crytek still haven't released any LUA documentation (as far as I know) I still don't know how to control sound with LUA code. If anyone knows how to do this, please let me know! I've produced some basic sounds via flowgraph but it's very limited.

I want to develop this system both for civil and military aircraft. I've started to look at adding real weapons (guns, bombs, missiles) but again the lack of LUA info is a problem.

I plan to release the Spitfire in a few weeks. It will also include instructions on how to adapt the script to your own aircraft models. AS it would require detailed adjustments to properly place animated parts and the undercarriage elements I am thinking of writing a Visual Basic program to automate this process.

I hope people find this interesting. I welcome any discussion and positive criticism.

Best regards,
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RE: Flyable aircraft

Postby Khalid » 24.04.2008, 12:15

Sounds great, you´ve done a great Job! :))
Looking forward to test your Spitfire.
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Postby Ror-Shak » 24.04.2008, 12:20

this is just too awesome ! great job!
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Postby Dark shadow » 24.04.2008, 17:17

amazing :D
I really admire your work ;)

as you already stated in your post, the only thing that I can see to improve are the particles... but it's wip, so good work, and tell me if you need help on anything that's not lua/xml scripting :)
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Postby Wickerwolf » 24.04.2008, 17:18

Looking great. ;)
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Postby boebi » 24.04.2008, 17:32

Your name isn't really Chris Wright is it?
Would be funny lol
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Postby Bejmo » 24.04.2008, 17:36

WOW ................. Verry cool ......WOW :))
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Postby TimV » 24.04.2008, 18:17

Hi Chris:

I'm glad to see that you posted this. You have done an amazing job and I will be following this thread closely as I am sure you would have guessed.

Keep up the great work and I hope you get the documentation that you need.


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Postby xGj » 24.04.2008, 18:36

Way too cool :D
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Postby isos » 24.04.2008, 18:55

This is awesome 8o
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RE: Flyable aircraft

Postby Black Rainbow » 24.04.2008, 19:01

Top notch! Really amazing stuff!
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Postby Sagan » 24.04.2008, 19:59

This is great!
Maybe you can implement a basic trackIR code so I can look around freely in the cockpit view.
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Postby Florry » 24.04.2008, 20:09

That's just so cool :D
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Postby R4ND13H4ND13 » 24.04.2008, 20:12

ive been waiting for someone to do this! awsome work man, i can not wait to fly it!
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Postby VengenceBot » 24.04.2008, 20:20

cool.. that would look great in my Pyramid map