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Crysis 2 custom maps on server

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Just getting started
Just getting started
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Crysis 2 custom maps on server

Postby oKronicz » 24.05.2012, 05:56

i have an unranked crysis 2 server and i was wondering if anyone could tell me if it is possible to play custom maps on it. if you can please could you link me to a tutorial or please tell me below

and if i can get it set up i am willing to add your map to the server for others to play

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Junior Dev
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Re: Crysis 2 custom maps on server

Postby DoS » 09.06.2012, 06:51


of course u can play custom maps on an unranked server.

Try this:

2. Enter your age (if asked for it)
3. Click "See all Downloads"
4. Look for "Crysis 2 Community Dedicated Server"
5. There should be a .pdf file in that download that will help u with custom maps, private server, etc.

Good luck.


P.S.: This only works with an unranked server, but as u´ve got one, there shouldn´t be any problems.
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