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Cooperative lan gameplay?

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User avatar Psychoisalive
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Cooperative lan gameplay?

Postby Psychoisalive » 14.03.2012, 03:04

Is possible to make a singleplayer mod for Crysis Wars, with this two options?
#To play in Scuad with three Friendly IA against the enemy IA
#To play in cooperative mode with real people in Lan against the enemy IA.

So the game at the beginning will ask: Do you want your team members be controled by the IA or by other persons?
User avatar DoS
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Junior Dev
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Re: Cooperative lan gameplay?

Postby DoS » 16.03.2012, 16:14

1st of all, it´s AI, nit IA. :cheesy:

It is possible to make that kind of mod, BUT it is not a singleplayer mod, it´s a multiplayer mod.

LAN with friends is multiplayer, singleplayer is only AI, no other Humans.


P.S.: AI don´t work in MP, I tried.You´d have to script your own.
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