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Sketchup multi-material in sandbox?

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User avatar Bladestar
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Sketchup multi-material in sandbox?

Postby Bladestar » 31.10.2010, 21:52

Please help

does anyone know how to apply multi-materials to an export from Sketchup?
i can export the model with 2 or more materials but how do i apply them in sandbox?

any ideas appreciated :)
User avatar alexaleman
Just getting started
Just getting started
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Re: Sketchup multi-material in sandbox?

Postby alexaleman » 02.12.2011, 07:48

yea me too i only can get 1 texture to work, as well, no idea how to do it, been searchin for answer for a few weeks still cant find one either

im using cryengind free sdk, googlesketchup 8 trial version, and newest playup plugin version

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