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Database Support
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Postby csprance » 01.11.2007, 10:48

Just a question how should we be modelling stuff should we model the whole thing in sections and import each part of the building indvidually or just create the whole building minus the dynaic parts and import it into CE2 that way? I notice that all the buildings are completely destructable so I'm guessing they are all individually modelled parts that are stuck together can someone please elaborate a little on how to do this.

Thanks guys.

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gooood qoestion !

Postby stuntmanjim » 01.11.2007, 16:33

hey ... i would like to know to !!! :rolleyes:

every dynamic part need an own colision object so my guess is that
we have to build it in single parts and combine it back in SE2
would be very nice that way so you can take 20 parts and build 40
diferent buildings with them if u like to :))

but im not shure i think we have to wait for the sdk and the exporter

what i alsow want to know is how to prepaire an trunk so that u can
shoot em down in game ... i doent think that i have to build it in 50 lidle parts
i asume that there is som kind of dynamic boolean tool u can apply to an obj ?
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Postby realPhoeniX » 01.11.2007, 19:43

You have to wait for the sdk, with it you can define the breakable stuff in max i think.
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Just getting started
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Postby bjorns » 01.11.2007, 23:52

I assume it's all built out of small archtype entities and put together as a prefab. As stated previously, we'll have to wait for the SDK.

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