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Export Camera Animation

Topics on creating any sort of animation or cinematic using Sandbox 2 should be posted inside this forum.


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Just getting started
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Export Camera Animation

Postby artistgirl » 29.04.2012, 12:44


Just a quick question, Is is possible to export an animated camera animation from 3DS Max intro Cryengine 3? Then have the camera to still be a camera, and for it to be the camera for a cinematic? Please if you know how to do this please can you let me know how to achieve this? Do you have a tutorial I could follow do help me out on this?

Thank You.
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Re: Export Camera Animation

Postby Mika » 13.05.2012, 16:16

I am not sure if camera animation can be exported directly from Max, however I know at least one trick to make it work.

In Max create either an object or a bone, that is constrained to your camera. Export this either as a chr and caf, or as a cga. In Sandbox, bring in this chr or cga into TrackView, play the animatin, and attach the camera to it (I would recommend using charAttachHelper)