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Searching big nuke effect without damage

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User avatar General Kaboom
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Member since: 15.01.2011, 23:00
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Searching big nuke effect without damage

Postby General Kaboom » 17.02.2011, 17:02

I'm searching someone who has time to make a BIG nuke particle effect...only particle shouldn't destroy something or take damage to the player...could be also a tac gun shot with no damage...wind effects must not be contained but I think looks better with it...and I mean really big...if you don't know what I mean look at this vid, it's a cut from cod4:
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User avatar Yaxxo
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Postby Yaxxo » 18.02.2011, 17:46

protip: spawn a nuke particle effect
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User avatar MasterGod
Junior Dev
Junior Dev
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Postby MasterGod » 26.02.2011, 23:22

try to use the xigmatek xtreme nuke with "joint_breaking 0"
removes the destruction ;(
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User avatar Lord Jon
Regular Dev
Regular Dev
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Postby Lord Jon » 26.02.2011, 23:45

Yea Xigmatek's nuke would be the best.
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