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(DDO) - Maya Weapon Texturing (Project Files Included)

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(DDO) - Maya Weapon Texturing (Project Files Included)

Postby CollinBishop » 04.01.2014, 18:47

In this video I texture a Rifle and finish it in DDO. The entire process takes about 20 min. I will warn I use numerous applications and some cost money. But it should give you an idea on ways in which you can speed up your pipeline to get quicker weapons at a decent set of quality. I hope you enjoy it.

EDIT: I have attached the project files for this tutorial to this thread. It comes with a rifle, the ao map, and textures. I included the AO map because I hopped over to C4D to make it. If you have seen my AO bake to vertices tutorial it is done the same way as that but baking to a texture. The resulting AO will be shown in the hypershade. If you click the lambert material and then view the image in the texture path of the attribute editor it will show up in Photoshop.

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