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creating custom Foliage!

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User avatar xkapitanx
Just getting started
Just getting started
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creating custom Foliage!

Postby xkapitanx » 01.08.2013, 16:04

how are you?

i want to create an forest environment in unity3d.!
i wanted to create in speedtree but speedtree is about sample!
i want to create custom foliage for designing my forest.!
custom trees
custom Foliages
custom Bush
how to can i create these?
manual or Traditional is not problem.!(say me Technique)
i want to know a Technique to do this.!
thanks help me!
User avatar Lavizh
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News Posters
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Re: creating custom Foliage!

Postby Lavizh » 01.08.2013, 16:52

This section covers tutorials already made, these "questions" is not a tutorial.

Also these forums are for the CryEngine, not Unity3D, you might want to try here instead :

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