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Use this section to show off your CE3 levels


User avatar sceab15c
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Just getting started
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Postby sceab15c » 13.03.2012, 20:52

This is Multiplayer Map.
night on the town.
Is raining.

Map information:
Name: cw2_rain_town
Size: Large, 2-16 players
Supported game modes:
Instant Action, Team Instant Action,CrashSite,CaptureTheFlag,Extraction,Assault


1.Go to your Crysis 2 gamecrysis2 folder: -> Electronic Arts/Crytek/Crysis 2/gamecrysis2/
2.Extract the levelfolder from the downloaded archive if necessary by using an extracter such as 7-zip.
3.Copy the downloaded folder into the gamecrysis2 folder.
4.Start Crysis 2
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User avatar DevilDante
Skilled Developer
Skilled Developer
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Re: cw2_rain_town

Postby DevilDante » 13.03.2012, 21:23

Looks cool but also freaking hard to play in.. I think I'm not enough skilled for that. :P
Also, i think it is too big for a 16 players Multiplayer map.. would be good if there were 32 players though.
User avatar Kridian
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Skilled Developer
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Re: cw2_rain_town

Postby Kridian » 14.03.2012, 02:27

I'll be the bad guy. Forgive me, but you'll be better off hearing the truth.

It's bland.
The architecture looks like nothing on the planet Earth.
The texturing is redundant.
User avatar mr nopro
Intern Dev
Intern Dev
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Re: cw2_rain_town

Postby mr nopro » 14.03.2012, 08:38

Lower the lights, the egde of the fog volum thing is clearly visible. Also add more detail.
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User avatar bi0s
Just getting started
Just getting started
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Re: cw2_rain_town

Postby bi0s » 14.03.2012, 11:50

thx, i test it tonight
good solid work with grab and mob
(it s remeber me another map, italy)
User avatar NesQu1k
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Just getting started
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Re: cw2_rain_town

Postby NesQu1k » 18.03.2012, 16:31

Not bad, at all. But I think, this map is asking for some details. You just need several weeks to make this map shine ;)
User avatar TheMagnumman357
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Re: cw2_rain_town

Postby TheMagnumman357 » 18.03.2012, 19:03

Overall, its a nice looking map. But, what town looks like this ? Maybe take away the walls on the side, and add buildings and roads. Or just change the name
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User avatar VengenceBot
Executive Producer
Executive Producer
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Re: cw2_rain_town

Postby VengenceBot » 19.03.2012, 14:38

it looks like a good job.. a brick texture would of worked better I think..
with all the poly count saved up.. a foot of water would make things fun!
Too late to change its already being played across the world ;)