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A few vehicle related questions again...

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Re: A few vehicle related questions again...

Postby Speedyninja » 15.04.2012, 00:19

I've been running a couple of tests to determine the units in the vehicle editor, I set up blocks 10m apart for finite distance, set acceleration to max and then using a stopwatch did some simple physics and the speed parameter is in m/s. Might be units/s which would be better as it would allow vehicle speeds above 220mph (which is what setting it at 100 gives).

As for acceleration, Its a little tricky unless someone can script a small HUD element showing the speed. Then start from rest and take note of the time/distance it takes to reach the max speed. Then some simple equations can be used to figure out the accel. However, there is that fake gear parameter, and I'm not sure if that works like proper gears or it only affects the sound files.

However does anyone know if wire parameters are supported by ce3 - that would save having to code things like brake calipers