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[Solved] Simple Code Modifications not Reflecting in Editor?

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Just getting started
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[Solved] Simple Code Modifications not Reflecting in Editor?

Postby Twinnuke » 14.04.2012, 21:40

[solved] Was recompiling the 32 bit instead of 64.

I've always liked playing with the CryEngine but up until now I didn't have the programming know-how to make anything interesting. But with about 3 years of C++ and C# behind me now I'm ready to take on a small project. Alas I've ran into an issue.

Essentially I've don't a simple Hello World test and built it. I attempted to change the velocity/direction of the rocket being fired from the Editor Launcher but no matter what I modify nothing happens. I assume it's because I'm unfamiliar with the SDK / Codebase I'm doing something wrong. It is building the CryGame component. No errors.

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void CRocket::Launch(const Vec3 &pos, const Vec3 &dir, const Vec3 &velocity, float speedScale)
   Vec3 veloc = Vec3(100,200,300);

   CProjectile::Launch(pos, veloc, veloc, 5.0f);


   m_safeExplosion = GetParam("safeexplosion", m_safeExplosion);

   if(CWeapon* pWeapon = GetWeapon())