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Videoplayer new plugin issue.

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Skilled Developer
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Videoplayer new plugin issue.

Postby onath123 » 27.10.2012, 08:38

hello hendrikp just wanted you to know. when i try to compile videoplayer it says there is no file called "DxErr.h" but i solve it. commented out the include part and changed LogAlways part
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#ifdef _DEBUG
        gPlugin->LogAlways( "Error hr=%u", ( unsigned )hr );

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Re: Videoplayer new plugin issue.

Postby RaZoR-FIN » 27.10.2012, 10:56

You could also have private messaged him. I believe DxErr.h is a DirectX SDK header file anyway, so you won't have it unless you have downloaded the DirectX SDK.
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Re: Videoplayer new plugin issue.

Postby hendrik » 27.10.2012, 11:33


Thanks for the idea, but you dont have to change that simply set the configuration to "Release".
I need this in the "Debug" configuration to find out errors, so it'll stay in the source.

If you are in need of the Debug configuration then install the DirectX SDK.

In the future try registering on github and submitting a pull request its easier then it looks ;)

Also the official precompiled binary release of the 1.6.2 version isn't that far away anymore it'll be on Tuesday or Monday.

Thanks ;)