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LOD casting shadows when invisible?

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Just getting started
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LOD casting shadows when invisible?

Postby Stallownage » 27.02.2012, 18:44

Hi guys, I have an object with one LOD in the engine. The LOD is casting shadows onto the main object even when the LOD is invisible. If I untick cast shadows in the LOD's material panel, this is stopped; but so are all shadows on the main mesh, almost like the LOD is no longer casting shadows but is also totally blocking any kind of shadow information on the main mesh. Below are some images to demonstrate, with one section's LOD visible.

LOD with shadow casting enabled in material properties. Notice how it is casting shadows on main meshes, despite not being visible.


LOD with shadow casting disabled in material properties. Notice the incorrect shadows on main mesh have disappeared, but the main mesh is casting no shadows, almost like the LOD is blocking it from receiving any lighting information from which to cast shadows.


If anyone could help me figure out what I'm doing wrong, it would be much appreciated.


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