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Maya 2012 64bit exporter

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User avatar wasaaabi
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Just getting started
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Maya 2012 64bit exporter

Postby wasaaabi » 07.03.2012, 17:12

Hey guys,

So I've installed everything a while ago - about 6 months perhaps. I followed a video tutorial to export an asset and everything was cool, got it into the editor with no problems.

I've come back after a while, and have changed nothing but my display drivers since (nvidia). I've gone to export as I did before and the little white log window pops up for a couple of seconds, and then disappears along with Maya (CTD).

So I installed the latest SDK having read that there was an nvidia driver problem, and that the new SDK would fix it so I think display drivers may not be my problem; I installed everything, got the new tools updated in Maya automatically, everything again works as expected til I hit 'Export' and then everything disappears with no error messages or anything that would help me work it out...

I've searched around for the same problem but I've not come across anything yet. Please help!

[Ed: I've now also processed my textures through Crytif, thinking that might be a problem, and still no change.]
User avatar evp_uk
Just getting started
Just getting started
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Re: Maya 2012 64bit exporter

Postby evp_uk » 07.03.2012, 22:15

yeah mine does the same thing under maya 2012 x64 when I try to export .caf files just dissapears real quick! I am using c2 mod sdk..

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