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Getting Rid of Default 1st person arms

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User avatar UncleSam97
Just getting started
Just getting started
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Getting Rid of Default 1st person arms

Postby UncleSam97 » 29.05.2012, 05:43

Hey guys, I recently set up a custom first person arms rig. I attached the mesh to the weapon that I am exporting as a CDF. And it worked, but I have 1 problem, the agent arms still show up. How do I get rid of this?
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Re: Getting Rid of Default 1st person arms

Postby Swanton007 » 07.06.2012, 06:38

Hmm.... I think its because it was declared in your character file, go into your scripts.pak/scripts/entities/actor/player.lua and remove the line that says something about agent_fp arms global or whatever. Hope that helps

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Superstar Dolphin
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Re: Getting Rid of Default 1st person arms

Postby the_grim » 07.06.2012, 08:43

You shouldn't attach your arms mesh to your weapon, instead you should export the arms separately using your custom rig, replace the original player arms with your own (player.lua determines the model to be used) and then export all weapons & animations with only the bones and the weapon mesh.

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