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mass wars recruit

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Just getting started
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mass wars recruit

Postby ghost59 » 30.08.2011, 23:32

mass wars is a tps/fps/ rpg game being made by plasma city entertainment, we have just switched to cryengine3. we was using the udk for the game but someone told me that cry3 is better and less limiting, we have a cover system, pick up system, shield system ready but i have no idea how to put it in cry3, thats where we need help and getting to know cry3.
a little on mass wars
mass wars is on the planet echo, the year is 2077 in that year you will see two cities get attacked by an unknown force that has lied beneath the planet for years. note this is only a one of three parts. part one will take place in 2077, part two will take place in 2078 and the last and final part will take place in the year 2079. b4 we was just going to start in 2079 but we wanted to make it longer so we add 2077 and 78. what you will you do in 2078 is run around and do quests. in 2079 you will rise up and uncover some dark secrets about the planet.
thats all for now
ill be put a history update soon