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RedOps looking for team

Looking for a developer to join your team, or want a place to advertise your skills? Look no further!


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RedOps looking for team

Postby DURLI » 01.09.2011, 12:30


Hello all crymodders !

I´m trying to make a team to build a stand-alone FPS, multiplayer-only game based on free CryEngine III.
My idea is to import the best weapons from very talented artists like Twinke Masta, Millenia etc. to CryEngine ( with their perrmision, of course), add whole new user interface, gameplay and make a game as good looking as possible.

Short info about game:

Main characteristics:
  • Next-gen CryEngine3 graphics
  • Amazing multiplayer experience
  • Call of Duty + Battlefield + Counter-Strike mix of features
  • Game statistics
  • Improved gameplay
and much more !

I am currently looking for creative, experienced artists that has enough time for modding.

Open positions:

Mapper (Level designer)
Use Sandbox3 to create awesome MP maps to fit a game atmosphere.

Weapon animator / rigger
Rig weapon models to CryEngine rig, animate them and play with them !

Non-rigid Modeller
Use 3ds Studio Max or other DDS software to create, texture and optimize various models from
chairs, tables up to buildings and few vehicles!

LUA Coder
Apply your LUA programming experience to create various scripts like gameplay, gamemodes, etc..

Code: Select all
If some of our free positions fits to you, please feel free to contact me by PM!

Example weapon AK47:
AK47 credits:
Model - Twinke Masta
Textures - Millenia

And this is how it could look near finish (virtual target):