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Sentinel Gamestudio [Recruiting New Dedicated Members]

Looking for a developer to join your team, or want a place to advertise your skills? Look no further!


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Just getting started
Just getting started
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Sentinel Gamestudio [Recruiting New Dedicated Members]

Postby Rage5110 » 26.07.2012, 12:30


Introduction :
Hello, Crydev community I am Rage5110 from Sentinel Gamestudio. I am 15 but I am experienced in Game developement. I do 3D modelling, Web development, and more but I really can't do c++, but I am still learning the language. I am here to recruit dedicated people to join sentinel gamestudio, because the old team was not doing their part in this game project , so we are looking for new dedicated members that are willing to spend time in this project. For all of you that think that I am not doing anywork, and just recruiting people to do all work for me, YOU ARE WRONG. Right now I am doing everything on this team except the sound designing becuase Artaxias is doing it, I am making the website, the maps, concept art(sorry my concept art sucks so I need someone good at it), and also the modelling.

About us :
Sentinel Gamestudio was established on 05 June 2012. During that time there were only two members in our team, and it was Rage5110 and Chelsea. A couple of weeks later other users of Crydev joined and they were Jhobbs, Fishstick41, Artaxias and more. Now we have a total of eight members in our team. Sentinel Gamestudio is working on a game project called “Project Skyfire”. This is our first project so we would like to make it as perfect as possible so that we could launch it internationally. We will try to get a CryENGINE®3 commercial license, so in the meanwhile we would work on our game project as hard as possible so that we get a high quality game.

Our Aim :
We aim and intend to make massive multiplayer online games, that aren’t just fun but also have high quality, People always say “Quality is always better than Quantity”. So that’s why we are making it as high quality as possible, so that we would get nice gameplay, graphics and experience.

About Project Skyfire :

Storyline :
A thousand years have passed since the great war of Aegis, The five inhabitance of Aegis lived in peace with their guardian protecting them. Their guardian was the Dragonkin. But suddenly the Dragonkin vanished without a trace, it led the other races to wonder who was the strong since the Dragonkin wasn't there anymore. They fought till it led to the Second great war of Aegis. Suddenly during the war, an ancient evil was awaken and unleased upon Aegis. The ancient evil was unstoppable and unleased a deadly miasma and an undead army. Its up to you to choose from five unique races and defeat the darkness. Your Objective is to unite the races, find out what happened to the Dragonkin and Defeat the Evil.

Purpose of Project :
The purpose of this project is to show the public the next-generation of mmorpg and to also earn experience by working in a team.

Current Member(s) :
Rage5110 - Team Leader, 3D designer, Level Designer, Web developer
Chelsea - Public relation
Jhobbs - Level Designer
Wii027 - Level Designer
Fishstick41 - Sound Designer
Artaxias - Sound Designer
rjhanes - game developer

Map In-Development :

I made the map by hand and not by the CryENGINE 3 , Editor doing so will lead to a better more detailed map. so this is the map that I made, its only part of Aegis there will be more maps soon.

Position(s) Available :
• C++ / C#/ Lua Programmer Needed : 4
• Scripter Needed : 4
• 3D Designer/Artist Needed : 2
• 2D Designer/Artist Needed : 2
• Concept Artist Needed : 2
• Animator Needed : 3

Application :
1.Name and if you wish, your age
2.Whereabouts that you live (including time zone)
3.Position(s) applying for
4.Are you looking for a permanent or temporary position
5.Time you believe you can out in
6.Do you work well with others
7.Tell a bit about yourself
8.What makes you want to be a part of this team
9.Anything you want to show off
10.Do you have a passions for gaming and what are your hobbies

Please answer all the Question(s) above, point form and send them to

Current Progress :
• Working on the website. Website status : 35%
• Making the Terrains and maps.
• Modelling the Assets

Concept Art :

Contact Information :
• E-mail :

• Skype : Rage5110

• Steam Username : xXDeath5110Xx/Rage5110

• facebook :

• twitter :

• website :

• Google :

• Yahoo : \•/

• Steam Group :

• Project Page : project_db.php?action=project_profile&team_id=2817&project_id=2695

Sentinel Gamestudio 2012
"We are Anonymous, We are Legion, We do not Forgive, We do not Forget, Expect Us"
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Intern Dev
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Re: Sentinel Gamestudio [Recruiting New Dedicated Members]

Postby Horus_ » 27.07.2012, 13:12

Don't take me wrong, but why the repost? I mean, (viewtopic.php?f=316&t=93757&p=1005461#p1005461) its the exact same thread, and you aren't actually presenting any progress, no new maps, no new assets,no nothing.
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News Posters
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Re: Sentinel Gamestudio [Recruiting New Dedicated Members]

Postby Lavizh » 27.07.2012, 13:21

Do not duplicate posts, just update the existing one instead.

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