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About vehicle setup

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About vehicle setup

Postby aldrickbanks » 27.06.2012, 14:46

Hi everyone,I am creating a racing game prototype with freedSDK 3.4.0.There are some problems that I need some help on:

1.How to tweek the camera angle when steering a vehicle(car) in third person view.
I found the camera always aiming the car.The vehicle editor doesn't offer camera rotation offset parameters(as least I didn't find any).So if I want the third person view camera to aim the horizon or any preset angel (like we would experience in Need For Speed),what should I do?

2.When I drive the car fast,the camera tend to keep a big distance from it(not THAT big,but a bit too big to feel comfortable),and will get close to it only when the speed is down or when the car is stop.How can I limit the distance range between camera and the car when the car is running at a high speed.

3.I tried to set the maximun speed of the car 200 or so,but the actual full speed will just hover at around 80 kpm.How to get a fast max speed?

4.How to get the car's health data(like player's health data) at runtime?So that I can know when the car will be broken in real-time.

5.Can I let the car jump off ground when I hitting space key like we do it with player?How?

Thank you so much!