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LimbIK Question

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User avatar OpenWebGL
Just getting started
Just getting started
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LimbIK Question

Postby OpenWebGL » 04.07.2012, 18:33


I followed official documentation (Ground Aligement ... +Alignment) to set up limbIK for my custom character, but I noticed that there is an extra "<FeetLock_Definition />" XML node defined in the example "skeleton_character.chrparams" file, I don't make sense if I can ignore the feetlock definition?

Than you!

User avatar Mika
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Honourable Member
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Re: LimbIK Question

Postby Mika » 25.07.2012, 19:47

The Feet Locking is not directly related or required to GroundAlignment and is an experimental feature. So yes, you can ignore this for now.

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